September 18th, 2013:

Weekly Music Ensembles

Monday 12.55-1.25 Junior Concert Band

Junior Concert Band is for all pupils who learn woodwind, brass and percussion at OBH or outside school in Years 3-5. We will be learning the same music as the Senior Concert Band in readiness for concerts later in the year.

Monday 1.15-1.45 Chantelles

The elite girls’ choir at school. Pupils are invited to be in the Chantelles by Mrs Nunn


Tuesday 8.00-8.30 Chapel Choir

For pupils who are able to commit to singing at Sunday services


Tuesday 1.10-1.45 Senior Concert Band

Senior Concert Band is for all pupils who learn woodwind, brass and percussion at OBH or outside school in Years 6-8.


Wednesday 8.00-8.30 School Choir

A choir for anyone in Years 3-8 who enjoy singing. We will be working on some large scale pieces and preparing carols for Christmas.


Thursday 8.00-8.30 String Orchestra

String Orchestra is a mixed ability string ensemble for everyone who learns the violin, viola, cello or double bass in Years 3-8.


Thursday (2) 12.45-1.05 Pre-Prep Choir

A Choir for anyone in the Pre-Prep who would like to sing in a small group.


Friday 1.15-2.15 School Orchestra

The school orchestra is an ensemble for everyone who learns a stringed instrument, woodwind, brass or percussion in Years 3-8.


Saturday (1) 8.15-9.00 Chamber Choir

Pupils are invited to be in the Chamber Choir by Mr Dunham. We will be working on some very complicated music for a performance in the Lent Term.


These ensembles replace the old style ensembles from last year. For any queries about ensembles please contact Toby Dunham directly on


Gastronomical Cookbook

For any parent who would still like to purchase one of Sophie Grant’s cookbooks (£10.00) copies will be available from the School Office.  The proceeds will be going towards the Astro Fund.

It is a great cook book with lots of good ideas and would make a fabulous Christmas/birthday present!


Tennis lessons

Pupil Tennis Coaching

If you would like your child to have a weekly tennis lesson please contact  Lee Tweed by email:  and your child will be found a suitable slot within the timetable.

Parent Tennis Coaching

Ladies intermediate Tennis Morning has started up again, taking place on Monday and Thursday mornings, 8:30am until 10am .

Racket re-stringing service is available.


OBH Challenge

We kicked off the first boarding weekend in style with the OBH Challenge.

On Saturday night the boarders were split into tribes and a tribal elder was elected to keep control and, more importantly, make sure everyone was in the right place at the right time. Once we had organised the tribes we

embarked on our boarders favourite game of  ‘Manhunt’, which ,this year, had a slight twist.  The hunter force were allowed to use their bikes which made the chase much more exciting!


After church on Sunday the tribes, led by their elders, designed their own flag to carry around with them throughout the afternoon.  They were colourful and very distinctive! Mrs Bolton would have been very proud of their creativity.

The children rotated around four stands which included:  rocket building and launching, fire making, bike obstacle course and a scavenger hunt. We finished off the afternoon with a final stand. They had to manoeuvre over a slippery obstacle course carrying water to fill a bucket holding a key to their prize box. Needless to say it was messy, wet and very funny!

The afternoon was a great success and the children all fell into bed at lights out totally exhausted!

Thank you to the boarding team for a fantastic start to this new academic year.