OBH invited to take part in the Lord Mayor’s Show



On Saturday 11th November this year, OBH will be taking part in the Lord Mayor’s Show. Many of you will know Charles Bowman, old boy of the school and ex-parent. We are all thrilled that he will be the Lord Mayor of London. We are equally thrilled that he has invited us to have a float in his show.

The Lord Mayor’s Show is one of the nation’s most spectacular annual events.  6,500 participants, 70 floats, 20 military and civilian bands, dozens of horses and carriages parade from the Guildhall, via Mansion House and St Paul’s Cathedral, to the Royal Courts Justice where the Lord Mayor will swear an oath of allegiance to the Sovereign.  Crowds of 500,000 people will line the route and millions of people worldwide will watch the broadcast on TV. Dating back to 1215, the parade that originally was made by barge on the Thames – hence “float”, marks the inauguration into what was once one of the most prominent offices in England.

We are very keen to use this exciting opportunity to unite the wider OBH community, past, present and, hopefully, future. We intend to use the float to highlight all that OBH has to offer and to celebrate both our current children and our alumni. We also hope to put on an event over the weekend that will allow all associated with OBH to come and join us and be a part of a very special occasion.

We have set up a small committee, with current staff, Friends and Alumni, to ensure that we make the most of our participation in this prestigious event. We would be very keen to hear from anyone in our community who feels they could offer support in any way, to help guarantee the success of the venture. This may be advice and experience in similar events, it may be practical; for example, in having a low loader we could use for the float or a venue for our party. It may be that a financial tie up with your company is mutually beneficial – none of us having been involved in such an event before, we will be grateful for all contributions.  If you can help in any way please contact Linda Williams on linda.williams@obh.co.uk.

More information will follow once we have finalised the float and party details. In the meantime, please put the date in your diary. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible to both celebrate the success of one of OBH’s finest, and to hold an event to bring the wider OBH community together.


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