Pastoral & Medical Care

‘One of the school’s great strengths is its framework of pastoral support for each pupil.’
Good Schools Guide

At OBH we believe that happy children succeed. The social, physical and personal wellbeing of our pupils ensures that they have special memories of school life whilst finding the route to success in and out of the classroom. Our caring staff and ‘family’ atmosphere enable us to get to know our pupils well and identify areas where each individual can be supported and nurtured.

“Both boarders and day pupils benefit from the family atmosphere which is central to the school’s aims and upon which many parents commented positively. Staff do indeed give the pupils ‘freedom to be children’ while encouraging them to become mature and responsible. They know their pupils extremely well and the pupils appreciate the support they receive”

 ISI Inspection Report

At the heart of our pastoral care system is the child’s form teacher who sees the pupils on a daily basis and leads informal ‘form periods’ twice a week in addition to a PHSCE programme. To complement this, our morning assemblies regularly cover pastoral issues.

Medical Care

The health, happiness and welfare of all our pupils are our prime concern. All members of our teaching and matronal staff are trained first-aiders. We are
also fortunate to have a nurse, registered with the NMC, available Monday-Saturday and contactable by phone if needed. The School Nurse is responsible for the medical needs of boarders and day pupils. She holds a daily surgery, administers first aid, presides over sick bay and is available to provide health advice to pupils, staff and parents. She works closely with parents when a child has specific medical needs requiring long term medication and will ensure care plans are in place.

The school has a nominated doctor, who is a local GP. He visits the school weekly and can easily be accessed at other times. Female doctors are available if requested and pupils may also speak to a doctor in private should they wish.