Boarding at OBH

‘Well organised and attractive boarding houses; careful thought having been given to the facilities and decoration.’
Good Schools Guide

The Boarding Community is certainly one of the great strengths of the school. OBH is home to many of our boys and girls for much of the year and the safe, happy, healthy and homely environment enables them to flourish.  The Boarders facilities – dorms, bathrooms, showers and common rooms – are all comfortable and modern and pupils are encouraged to bring in home duvets, posters and photos to decorate their dorm.

At OBH we believe in the benefits of a boarding experience. By living together in a close community the children are able to build up their self-confidence, community spirit and appreciation of others. They learn to develop a strong set of values, good manners, a sense of humour and a balanced outlook on life. The children take with them to their senior schools happy memories and friendships for life.

At OBH, boarding is available on a transitional , weekly or full, 11-day boarding basis. This unique 11-day model means children come to school on a sunday night/monday morning, have a normal school week, stay in for a busy weekend, then return home the following friday. Parents can visit on wednesdays and saturdays and join their son or daughter in church on sunday morning if they wish. We find this 11-day model suits modern families well, as well as preparing children for the process of boarding at senior school should they chose that route.

We have two Boarding Houses – a Girls’ House and a Boys’ House. The dedicated House Parents, Matrons, School Nurse and staff are all passionate about the benefits that our boarding experience provides children of prep school age.

As well as a busy programme of activities during the day and each evening, we also have an exciting programme of activities for Saturdays and Sundays which are published for parents to see in advance each term.