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Grillin ‘n’ Chillin, Secret Mission Sunday

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th January

Giant Crunchie Bar

How to make a Giant Crunchie Bar

OPEN BOARDING WEEKEND: ‘Christmas Calypso Carnival’, Boarders’ Christmas Cracker

3rd December 2016

England v Jamaica @ The Copperbox

U13 girls enjoy an evening of international Netball

‘Ready Steady Cook Goes Wild’ & ‘Street Dance Fest’

19th and 20th November

An evening in the rain…. and a massive packet of marshmallows!

A simple plan – light a big fire and toast marshmallows to hearts content!

Brettenham Village Bonfire Party & Curve Motion

5th and 6th November 2016

The Great Chariot Race and Unlocking the Lavenham Labryinth

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September

‘Spooks and Ghouls’ Halloween Fancy Dress Party, Trials & Trails at Thetford Forest

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October

London Underground Party & Sunday Funday

Welcome to Boarding at OBH! The weather has been kind and the boarders have been able to play outside in Rory’s place, play on the astro and use their bikes. The evening activities have now started and all are kept very busy. This weekend we […]