Prep Notice Board

Key Dates:

Thursday 18th May
Compagnie Dan Roro French Theatre Workshop
Tuesday 23rd May
Moving up into Year 3 information evening for Year 2 parents
Thursday 25th May
Year 2-8 Summer Concert
Friday 26th May
House swimming gala
Half term begins.

Elite Sports Coaching with Felsted School U18 1XI Boys and Girls Cricket

It was a pleasure to welcome Jason Gallion and the U18 boys’ and girls’ cricketers from Felsted School to OBH on Tues-day, as part of our Elite Sports Coaching programme. They ran sessions with the U13 Boys, U11 Boys and U11 Girls in the afternoon and gave our pupils a taste of what standard of cricket is currently being played by these senior pupils. A big thank you to them for coming over, the children enjoyed every minute.

Year 7 River Brett Field Trip 2017 (Year 8 Common Entrance Fieldwork Enquiry)

Year 7 were split in to two groups this year and they experienced quite different weather conditions on their designated days out studying the river. The pupils were focused in the introductory theory session and the tutor from Flatford Mill Field Study Centre was very complimentary about the knowledge they demonstrated during the day. Out in the field, the pupils were positive and proactive throughout the experience, as they gathered the data required for their Common Entrance fieldwork enquiries. We visited four sites along the River Brett where the pupils are introduced to a variety of new skills in order to complete their investigation of the river. The data gathered will now be discussed and analysed before the findings are presented in electronic format. This is then marked and sent on to our pupils’ senior schools for final moderation. This remains a hugely valuable outdoor learning experience and it is an important com-ponent of CE and Scholarship Geography.

Year 4 Trip to West Stow

Year 4 had a great time on Tuesday as we travelled back through time to the Anglo-Saxon village of West Stow to explore what life was like 1,500 years ago. Starting off in the museum we found out all about the work of the archaeologists and how their discoveries have shaped out understanding of life in Anglo-Saxon times. We were lucky enough to see an amazing assortment of artefacts
including bronze brooches, combs made from antlers, wooden keys, pottery of various sorts, axes, arrows, shields and swords – all of which told us a little bit about what daily life would be like. We also tried on several Anglo-Saxon clothes (although we stayed away from the blue garments after hearing what the Anglo-Saxons used as a dye!) before rounding the morning off with a spot of lunch. In the afternoon we visited the Anglo-Saxon village to see for ourselves what Anglo-Saxon houses were like (and do our best to search for any bits of Anglo-Saxon flint or pottery which may be lurking in the molehills!). Having the chance to investigate the houses first hand was amazing and we really got a feel for what it would be like to live in 500AD.

Radio 2 500 Words Competition

We have just received the news that George Whitelaw and Freddie de la Rue’s stories made it through to the Under 13 ‘longlist’ of the BBC short story competition, although they have not been selected for the final Top 50. To put this achievement into context, the BBC received over 150,000 entries this year for their annual competition. This was reduced to a ‘longlist’ of 5,000 by a wide range of judges. The Reading
Agency then selected the Top 50 stories from the 5000 longlist. The standard in the second round was exceptional. Both of our writers should feel very proud.

Oundle Science Day

For the past two years, Oundle School have hosted a ‘Science Afternoon’ for Year 6 pupils. This year they added some DT and, as a result the event started in the late morning. Fenella, Charlie, Bryce and Xander had a great time, competing with six other schools at Oundle’s new STEM facility ‘SciTec’. They participated in a variety of activities: conducting solubility experiments, testing crumple zones and packaging
to protect eggs, programming a robot to pick up a ping pong ball and even extracting DNA from their cheeks! There was also time for a marvellous lunch and during our stay we met a considerable number of ex-OBH pupils.

The day was a huge success and was certainly enjoyed by all.

News from the Maths Department…

The UKMT Junior Maths Challenge took place on Thursday, 27th April, and involved every child in Years 7 and 8 striving to solve quite complex reallife problems. This competition is open to every child of this age group in the British Isles and to score enough points to be awarded a certificate is considered a huge achievement. We have our fingers crossed for them all.

Two teams of Year 6 children exercised their brains at South Lee’s Annual Maths Competition on Friday, 28th April. The atmosphere between the schools was tense all day as the children battled each other to answer the questions in the shortest time possible but by the end of the day the OBH teams had achieved solid scores. Congratulations to all concerned!

Summer Term Uniform

Children in both Pre-Prep and Prep to return in Summer uniform.

Short sleeved shirt, no tie
Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 grey shorts (no side pockets please)
Years 7 & 8 Navy cords

Open neck blouse, no tie
Short navy socks (tights may be worn for the first few weeks)

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Friends of OBH have kindly taken on the running of the Second Hand Uniform Shop with effect from the Summer term 2017.
It will be located in the balcony area of the Britten Hall and will be open:

Every Tuesday morning from 8.30am – 9.30am
Every Home Weekend Friday from 2.30pm – 3.30pm

The shop would like to start selling second hand sports kit, hockey sticks, cricket bats, cricket pads, tennis rackets, etc.

If you have any queries with regard to second hand uniform, please email


Keep Fit for Mums

Former parent and fitness enthusiast, Emma Garber, invites any parent to join her fitness class which she holds on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8.30 am for an hour or so in The Old Gym, term time only. She will start classes again at the beginning of the summer term on Thursday 20th April. For any enquiries please email Emma: and she looks forward to welcoming you!

Year 3 Visit to Fitzwilliam Museum

Looking extremely smart in Sunday Best, the children entered the museum and after stowing lunches safely in the basement, we were welcomed by our friendly tour guide Jackie. The first artefact on the whistle stop tour of Ancient Egypt was a large and very imposing statue of Ramesses III. The rose quartz sparkled in the light and the children sat mesmerised as Jackie told them the background to how the statue had arrived in the Fitzwilliam Museum. The Year 3 children who were intent on the subject material. They asked question after question and noted the smallest and most intricate details. They then had the chance of looking at some of the smaller Egyptian artefacts including shabti dolls, scarab beetles and even a mummified cat. Lunch was on the agenda next and we made our way outside. The children sat beautifully on the benches to eat their lunch talking nineteen to the dozen about their morning’s work. The children then enjoyed a further hour or so looking more closely at the artefacts and focusing on their explorative tasks. There are now many opportunities for further learning back in the classroom.

Tractors in Schools

The day started with a visit from local farmer (and parent) Rupert Brown who brought his very own Fendt Tractor to show the children. Not only did we find out all about the many jobs that the tractor can do on the farm but we were even allowed to sit behind the wheel and imagine what it would be like farming the fields from high up in the cab (complete with a Sat-Nav to keep us on track and a Mini-fridge in case we got peckish). Farmer Brown then showed us samples of some of the soil and crops that are found on a typical farm and we thought about how far away our crops come from. Having found out all about the different jobs that tractors fulfil on a farm, it was then our turn to get creative as we designed and discussed tractors of our own. Our next stop will be to turn our designs into 3D models. Watch this space to see what we come up with.

Reading Recital Competition

For many children, a highlight was performing in the reading recital competition. Every child in the Middle School chose an extract from a story they liked and, after much practise and a few nervous moments, read it aloud to the rest of the year group. Dr Marshall and some Year 8 pupils came to judge the final rounds of the competition today and everyone agreed that the children had performed magnificently The eventual winners were: Ismene Johnson, Flossie Morgan and Helena Pascalides from Year 3 and Cecilly Jewers, Oliver Pryce and Ben Moore from Year 4.


We welcomed Jason Gallian, England and Essex cricketer and his colleague Carla Rudd, member of Southern Vipers, a super league women’s cricket team, who both now teach at Felsted School. Jason and Carla gave an Elite Coaching session to all our Year 4 children and girls in Years 5—8.

Code of Conduct

We have discussed the new improved Code of Conduct in our PSCHE sessions. The teachers will be looking for examples of kind and helpful behaviour and we will be celebrating our Credits
and Pluses in Middle School assembly.


‘Show and Tell’

We will be introducing a ‘Show and Tell’ box to our special assemblies and each child in turn will have the opportunity of sharing special achievements or interests.


Playground games

In response to the last School Council meeting, more playtime games have been bought and are now stored safely in the Stable Yard. The children have loved playing with the parachute and are coming up with many ingenious ways of using the French skipping ropes.


Heroes & Villains

Thank you to everyone who took part and attended the Heroes and Villains Concert on Thursday evening. It was a spectacular occasion that really showed off what Prep School music should be all about – children having fun with music!

With music ranging from Gustav Holst to Bonnie Tyler – not a combination I have seen in a concert before, the audience were treated to a feast of musical talent. There was Samba from our juniors and seniors, choral performances from our Chamber, Senior and Junior Choirs, Strings, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, a hugely impressive performance of Gotcha by our Tuned Percussion and a combined orchestral performance of tunes from Pirates of The Caribbean as well as Jupiter, from The Planets. The concert climaxed with a spot of audience participation as we all joined to together to sing The Eye of The Tiger, accompanied by our Guitars and Orchestra. I would like to give a special mention to our Year 2 class who performed Bad Guys from Bugsy Malone, complete with spectacular ‘hatography’ with style and sass. Also three Year 2’s braved the stage to perform the introduction to Also Sprach Zarathustra on Timpani, Cymbals and Keyboard.

Even though the audience were still standing at the end of The Eye of The Tiger for the applause, I count this as a standing ovation, so thank you very much! We are now working hard in readiness for the Carol Service at the end of term.

Women in Science & Technology Day

A total of 80 girls from 12 different schools across East Anglia enjoyed an inspiring day of Science, Technology and Maths challenges here at OBH on Monday 14th November. Teams that joined OBH were: Dame Bradbury’s, South Lee, Bildeston Primary, Fairstead House, St. Cedd’s, Framlingham Prep, Culford, Acton Primary, Kersey CEVC Primary, The Abbey and Crawford’s Primary.

Tiffany Blackhurst organised the day challenging the teams of Year 5 girls to use logical thinking, problem solving, accuracy and their knowledge of the STEM subjects to complete a variety of challenging tasks. The Chemical challenge was set by Long John Silver himself. Whilst on a mission to travel far and wide to collect bounty, he wondered which fruit juice would contain the highest level of Vitamin C to prevent his crew suffering scurvy. The girls also enjoyed the chance to help make some elephant’s toothpaste! Winners of the Science Challenge were Kersey CEVC Primary.

The Maths Challenge tested the children’s logic, spatial awareness and teamwork. The puzzles and activities made the children use their brain in a different way to solve problems and to see maths in a fun way. The team from St Cedd’s were winners in this challenge.

The DT challenge took place in the DT room where the teams worked together to build a weight bearing bridge from pasta and marshmallows. The girls had to decide whether they thought spaghetti or linguine would be best to build the strongest bridge. The best structure was built by the team from Framlingham Prep.

The final challenge was a Physics challenge with Professor iFly. Marc Leopald from iFly in Milton Keynes came to host the challenge in which the children learnt about forces. They had to apply their knowledge to design and build a wind powered car with the winning car travelling the furthest along the race track. The prize went to one of the two teams from Fairstead House.

Overall winners and recipients of the OBH Women in Science and Technology Day Trophy was one of the two teams from Dame Bradbury’s. As a team, their overall scores across the challenges
demonstrated a depth of knowledge and understanding in all STEM subjects. A very well done to all of the girls that took part. We look forward to the OBH Women in Science and Technology Day 2017.


Sporting Success

Congratulations to Fenella Jewers who last weekend was reselected for the Suffolk Netball Development Squad having previously played as their youngest ever player. She was also selected to play with the Suffolk U11 girls cricket squad. Well done, on her achievements and her hard work.


Elite Sports Coaching with Oundle sports coaches Danny Grewcock and Richard Finch

We had the pleasure of hosting Danny Grewcock, and Richard Finch from Oundle as part of our Elite Sports Coaching programme. The U11 and U13 boys and girls had a session each with both coaches, which gave all the children chance to benefit from their expertise. The children also had a chance to talk to them over lunch about their experiences playing international sport. The experience has inspired them to work even harder in training sessions to get the best out of themselves.

Our thanks go to Oundle School, Danny and Richard for allowing to take the time out to come and see us.


‘Power of One’ Anti-Bullying Workshop

The ‘Power Of One’ anti-bullying workshop has been a highlight of the term. Different coloured masks and boxes were used as visual aids to demonstrate the importance of taking responsibility for the behaviour of ourselves and others. The children were captivated by the performance and involved themselves with a lively and positive approach. We have now all signed a
contract that promises we will take the ‘Power of One’ challenge to ensure that everyone in our OBH community feels happy and safe.


 Meet of the Suffolk Hunt

We welcomed the Suffolk Hunt for one of their regular mid-week meets. The annual event is popular with the children who enjoyed making a great fuss of the hounds. Before leaving, Chris Minter, Joint Master of the Suffolk Hunt thanked Tom
O’Sullivan for hosting the meet. Huntsman, Sean Hutchinson, blew the horn for the ready and hounds and horses swiftly
departed down the drive with pupils and children running alongside waving them off.


Middle School Awards

We have introduced the idea of a Maths, English and Courtesy Award and the children will be presented with their certificates in our special assembly.


OSCAR Foundation

OBH has teamed up with the OSCAR Foundation. Please find more information about them here: We will be hosting an OSCAR football team made up of children from deprived Indian areas, in October 2017 and we will be working hard to ensure it is a very special experience for them. Our children will also be fundraising for the Foundation over the coming months and learning about its goals and about the children and structure it supports. This promises to be an extremely rewarding project for all concerned culminating in next October’s visit.


Pupils (and parents!) can access their spellings through Quizlet. This is a fully interactive, fun and effective way to learn and practise language covered in lessons. Accessed from any computer or tablet, pupils will be able to compete against each other or just enjoy the games on offer. The spellings specific to your child’s class will be updated weekly and they will also be able to check the pronunciation.