15 Jan: Camp Building Competition

Sunday morning was equally exciting. Mr Drake set the children the task of building a den suitable to sleep in, down in the Big Woods. Once given the task there was no stopping them! First, a suitable location was found and then the mass stick gathering began! Once base structures were assembled, the gaps were filled and the dens really began to take shape. As the pictures show, some great dens were built with some children even offering to sleep in them over night!

While they were busy building their dens, Mr Drake was hard at work creating a camp of his own, equipped with hot chocolate making facilities and hammock! After a warming cup of chocolate it was time for the judging. Overall winners were the girls who built a fantastic den with guidance from Mr Bruce.

The afternoon bought more excitement with Inter-house Football. It was great to see everyone getting involved and playing with passion and enthusiasm for their house. There were some closely fought matches with some great play from all. By the end of the afternoon, Saturn emerged victorious!

A big thank you must go to Mr Drake for organising the activities. Everyone enjoyed a fantastic weekend of adventures!


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