22 Jan: Boys Hockey 1st XI & 2nd XI v Fathers

2nd V11

This turned into a 6 a side match played in an entertaining spirit. Dr. Marshall led the way for the Fathers with 2 aggressively taken goals. 20 minutes each way on a small pitch probably helped the lower fitness levels of the more senior members of Fathers squad.  Final result 5-2 to the Fathers.


1st XI

On the adjacent pitch a tough match was played between a very eager parent’s team and the 1st XI. Some crunching tackles were made by Mr Price who took a ball in the mouth, Mr Moore and especially by Mr Goswell who was lucky to come away without an official warning!

Mr Drake was ready for the battle as he and Mr Hunnable turned back the years to open up the 1st XI defence. Using Mr Dixon-Smith’s and Mr Stanton’s tremendous pace and the young legs of Will Rix and Harry Dixon-Smith the Fathers were soon 1-0 up and could have been 2 up by the break had it not been for the half time whistle just before the ball reached the goal!

A third goal soon after half time spurred the 1st XI on and their fitness was telling as they piled on the pressure. Jack Vestey controlled the defence with Mr Rix showing his pace as he made some tremendous runs from the back. However, two quick goals were put passed Mr Bahar in goal having made some heroic saves up to that point. It was clear to see the relief on the faces of the fathers as the final whistle went with the score at 3-2.

A great afternoon enjoyed by the players and spectators.

Netball 1st VII & 2nd VII v Mothers

1st VII

Some of the senior girls’ mothers came to school on Sunday to play the yearly mothers v daughters netball match.

Although many of the mothers were nervous about playing, they played well against a strong team of girls. The girls and mothers both scored well but the girls eventually won 15-9.


2nd VII

The 2nd VII played well considering the height advantage their mothers had. They worked hard at getting free and using the space available. Whilst vocalising their intention to allow their daughters to win, the mothers’ competitive nature shone through to a final victory of 19-14.

Thank you to all the mothers who joined in.

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