3 March: Brian Cox B’day party

Professor Brian Cox’s birthday party had caused some confusion since appearing in the calendar. So, to clear things up, a couple of fun loving staff wanted to spend the evening playing old fashioned party games with the children and unfortunately we were without a birthday child that day. A trusty Google search soon threw up the names of some ‘famous’ birthday boys and girls and due to the presence of Miss Pugh over the weekend, we decided on Brian Cox.

The night started with the traditional OBH birthday tea and continued with games in the library. A good two hours later we had exhausted pass the parcel (complete with dares and forfeits), the chocolate game and a great game of Rapidough. For anyone not familiar with Rapidough – buy it! It is a great family fun game involving play dough. The fun went on right up until bedtime when the children were sent upstairs slightly hyper and full of beans!

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