World of Work talk: Lieutenant Colonel Peter Hill Army Surgeon visits OBH

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Hill Army Surgeon

Thursday saw the latest in our fascinating series of “World of Work” talks.

We welcomed Lieutenant Colonel Peter Hill to OBH to talk to Years 6 to 8 about his career as an army surgeon. Colonel Hill told us about all the different places in the world in which he has served or trained and showed us some incredible photographs of the hospitals, the land- scape, the equipment and even the wildlife!

He fascinated the children as he spoke of his medical work, both in domestic hospitals and abroad with the army, with injured soldiers and civilians and he showed pictures of the procedures as well as x-rays. Colonel Hill also spoke to the children about the work he does with wounded soldiers once they have returned home.

We consider ourselves very fortunate and privileged to have had the opportunity to hear Colonel Hill talk of his work and we offer our thanks to him for coming to give us such an interesting insight into his career.

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