The Leys School Adventure Challenge

On Thursday 24 May, a group of Year 6 children travelled to The Leys School in Cambridge to take part in The Leys Adventure
Challenge – and what a day they had for it. The weather was perfect; the kids in great form and a great selection of activities were put on by The Leys for the children to take part in.

The day started with .22 rifle shooting and the climbing wall. In true OBH form, our children didn’t waste any time on the “safe” climbs. They went for the overhangs and shot straight up the wall without many issues.

Following that activity, we moved onto team building and low ropes where the children were truly impressive. Being able to travel around a low ropes course with a full cup of water and then to order themselves into birth order while standing on a log was not an easy task. In fact, we were the only group of the day that managed to complete it. Oh, and did I mention, they weren’t allowed to speak!

After lunch, the children moved onto the water based activities and spent the afternoon kayaking, sailing and getting a few rosy cheeks.

As always, the children impressed throughout the day and got “stuck in” to everything thrown at them. A great experience for the children but also for the OBH staff, who picked up many great ideas to use back at OBH with the rest of our children.

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