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Beach Trip

After a busy afternoon of matches, the boarders ‘chilled out’ on the Saturday evening; some going outside for a swim or round of golf whilst others watched a film. The Champions League Final caused great excitement in the boys’ house, especially the penalty shoot-out at the end!The highlight of the […]

Bowling & Laser Quest

Another fun packed weekend at OBH! Saturday night of the Optional Home Weekend saw a small group of OBH very happy boarders following a busy Saturday afternoon of Rounders and Cricket. After a quick change into glad-rags, the children went on an evening adventure to […]

Confirmation Service

Several parents, candidates and staff have commented on what a wonderful occasion the Confirmation was! The bishop led the service beautifully and his sermon spoke powerfully and meaningfully to the candidates. The choir sang some of the school’s favourite pieces, the stirring “The Lord’s My […]