Family Camp Out

It’s a little hard to know where to start when describing this weekend’s activities but it was certainly a lot of fun! Weeks of crossing our fingers whilst staring out of the window at pouring rain, finally paid off when we woke on Saturday morning to find brilliant sunshine and some summer temperatures. Apparently, the first annual OBH Family Camp-Out wasn’t going to be the wash out we’d feared the week previously!

Friday evening had been quite interesting as a number of staff attempted to wrestle with putting up the tents while being serenaded with the sounds of the Summer Concert from the Britten Hall. We were, therefore, incredibly relieved to not only find sunshine on Saturday morning but also that the tents were still upright and intact. (Believe me, if you had seen us putting them up you would know that that was a small miracle in itself!)

Come 6pm, we already had a nice little camping village as our supportive parents began to arrive and set up their areas – we can’t remember allowing caravans but the staff would like to book one for next year! The evening kicked off with a number of games followed by a fantastic BBQ courtesy of some very lovely staff in safety specs. Mr Drake kept the kids (and their parents) entertained with a game of Mums and Dads vs. kids Danish Long ball that seemed to get quite competitive. A number of children were sporting bruises from where tennis balls had been thrown at them. Needless to say, youth always prevails and the children came out on top.

After tuck, the camp fire was lit and traditional songs belted out. S’mores were served and the children tucked into their tents.

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