Ipswich Town Charity Football Match

Sunday was an early start due to sunshine and a rather ill-timed shooter in the adjacent field but the children were happy enough to run around outside in their pjs before all gathered for a well-deserved cooked breakfast in the dining room.

Sunday’s activities kicked off with the first of numerous swims, the usual Sunday Roast and then a trip to the Charity football at Ipswich Town. A big thank you to Simon Turner for organising the tickets.

After watching the footy, the staff were ushered into the fun fair over the road where the kids had a great time on the waltzes, dodgems and some rather fast spinney things.

It was a fantastic end to what the children have described as the best weekend! It was also the start of what we hope will be an OBH tradition for many years. To be honest, you should be sick that you weren’t there! (For those of you on the fated minibus back from Ipswich you will understand this inside joke!)

A few thank you’s.. to our supportive parents who truly entered the spirit of camping, our fabulous matrons and boarding staff who were out in force and gave up their warm beds for the night, the academic staff who came out to support, Nick and Lois for coming up with and following through on such a crazy idea in the first place and lastly, to the children, for badgering us into it and making it all worthwhile!

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