Kwik Cricket and Cinema Trip

A Boarder’s View of the Weekend

Saturday 9th June

Had our last ever lessons at OBH. All quite excited but also sad, some of us have been here for 11 and a half years so it will be hard to leave but I think we are also ready for it. In the after-noon we had the athletics field events. We were split up into our sports teams and went round to the different stations. It was a competitive after-noon with some very good athletics. That evening we all chilled in the school room after a very sporting day.


Sunday 10th June

Sunday morning – had a communion church service where Mr Schanschieff gave a very relevant sermon about preparation which was mainly aimed at the C.E candidates who would be taking their entrance exams on the following Monday morning. After church walked back to school and the rest of year 8’s had a revision session, the clay pigeon shooters had a double shoot and after lunch a Kwik cricket tournament where we were all split up into countries; India, the West Indies, Australia and England. It was a fantastic way to spend some of the afternoon, there was some very competitive cricket going on and everyone played very well with India winning the tournament. Year 8’s then went to the cinema to watch Snow White and the Huntsman. It was a very good film and even the boys who thought that they were going to watch a girly film came out and said that they had enjoyed it. That evening we came back and went swimming. You could see that some of Year 8s were already nervous but most were very relaxed about C.E the next morning.

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