Scholars’ Trip


Monday 11th June

Woke up and everyone was nervous for the day ahead but they all seemed very calm which was good. We waited until their first exam had finished which was Biology and asked them how it went, apparently it went really well. At 10 o’clock with gloves, jumpers and socks we left for Milton Keynes! It was a long journey because Miss Pugh got lost quite a few times as we went round each round-about at least twice! When we finally got to the Xscape centre, it was massive. A huge ski slope and loads of shops and a bowling alley. Delicious lunch at Ask – Charlie ate a massive chilli which made him cry! We then checked into the Airkix indoor sky diving area where we had our briefing. There were lots of hand signals to remember and you had to always keep the same body position. We got into our flying suits, funny hats, put our glasses on and put our earplugs in. We were ready to fly. René was the first one to get into the wind tunnel. It was awesome, but you still had to remember all your positions. René went really high up the side of the wall and fell, luckily Ryan, our instructor, was there to catch her. Then it was Charlie’s turn, it was fantastic. We both then had a second go where we dived into the tunnel. After sky diving a game of bowling finished off a great day.


Tuesday 12th June

Tuesday – we got up really early to go to London with Mr Schanschieff. We drove to Newbury Park underground station where we caught the tube into Waterloo station and then went to ITV studios. We were shown round by Scott and had a private tour of the whole “This Morning” studio. There were so many people and rooms to be shown – the dressing and make up rooms and the green rooms, which is where the celebrities hang out before and after the show and the light and sound departments. We then went onto the studio floor where Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were being filmed; we stood behind the camera whilst it was on air and going out to millions of people around the country.

We then went to the editing room and Gino D’Acampo came in and hugged René and gave Charlie a handshake! Back on the set we watched the fashion section and saw a performance by two members of the Lion King cast who sang and danced to the song “Can you feel the Love Tonight” and we met the comedian Griff Rhys Jones and actor Phil Davis –it was all very surreal . We finished our tour off meeting Holly and Phillip and having our picture taken with them, they were both really nice and chatty. We gave our chocolate cake (kindly made by Mrs Schanschieff) to the crew at “This Morning”. Mr Schanschieff then showed us how to hail a cab in London as we went to have lunch with Charlie’s dad at a lovely restaurant called Cheese, it was fantastic food and everyone had clean plates. After lunch we had a tour of Charlie’s Dad’s company. The building was huge with hundreds of desks and lots of busy people. We met some of his colleagues and they tried to teach us about insurance but we didn’t really understand much but it was very interesting! To finish the day off we went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum. There were loads of cool and freaky stuff in it including a mirror maze which Mr Schanschieff was too scared to go into and a tunnel called the black hole which felt like you were spinning but in fact it was the walls that were spinning, it was a very amusing and weird experience. At the end of the museum there was a laser race which we had to climb through lasers to finish the mission. It was quite challenging but was really fun as we all, including Mr Schanschieff, crawled across the floor. We got back to school tired but with loads of memories.

Thank you very much to Miss Pugh, Mr Schanschieff and Mr Turner for a fantastic few days. We will remember the experiences forever.
René Bahar and Charlie Turner

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