Diamond Jubilee Balloon race results

We had a terrific response to our Diamond Jubilee Balloon Race; and as you can see, the winning balloon travelled for an incredible 662 miles!
Lottie was delighted to win a life-sized cut out of Her Majesty the Queen!

1. Lottie Rowland

Schwabisch Gmund, Germany

662 miles

2. Jack Philpott (domestic)

Dorfsrabe, Germany

617 miles

3. Paul Webster (chef)

Leinach, Germany

602 miles

4. Anna Groves (teacher)

Angelbachtal, Germany

577 miles

5. Maria Mendes

Vlissingen, Holland

300 miles

6. Eloise Bell

Londerzael, Belgium

293 miles

7. Henry Kelly

Stekene, Belgium

285 miles

8. Finn Millbank

Koewacht, Holland

283 miles

9. Charlie Drake

Bornem, Belgium

282 miles

10. Adriana Garcia

Sint Niklaas, Belgium

278 miles

11. Izzy Allanson

DC Hoek, Holland

270 miles


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