Ultimate Manhunt

The children made the most of being outside this weekend and we kicked off with the much anticipated ‘manhunt’. I will try to explain the rules as simply as I can!

The children are split into teams and using a map and lightsticks have to navigate themselves and their team around the school grounds. They are being chased by our ‘Hunter force’ which try to capture the teams between the orienteering points. Once captured they hand over their ‘capture’ cards and points are taken away from them. Needless to say the team with the most capture cards left over and most orienteering points visited wins! It was great fun and all the children managed to get round the course. After an hour or so of fierce competition the children returned back to base for hot chocolate and biscuits before collapsing into bed for a well-deserved sleep.

Sunday morning was a long lie in and pyjama breakfast ready for a very busy day of activities. We had an extreme scavenger hunt in the morning where they had to solve clues and riddles to find items; we definitely have some future treasure hunters amongst us! After a hearty roast Dr Marshall hosted the ‘Jacot’ cup football tournament which we run every year with the trophy kindly donated by Mrs Jacot a former parent. Well done to all who took part in a very fair contest indeed. Whilst this was taking place the children had a chance to test our Go Karts out for the first time this year! (after Mr Drake had a go first obviously!) In fact the only thing that got Mr Drake out of the Go Karts was the smell of freshly cooked fairy cakes that had been made by some of the girls in the kitchen! A fine display of assorted cakes and all so yummy!

After supper the children settled down to a mixture of activities ranging from golf, touch rugby,, dvd’s, music and dodgeball. Needless to say Sunday night up in the dorms was relatively quiet!

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