October, 2012:

Bonfire Night & Fireworks

Bonfire Night is now upon us and the Boarders are busy making Guys.

We look forward to seeing you today for Fireworks, Bangers, Mulled Wine, Treats and a MASSIVE bonfire.

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Bonfire Night

World of Work Talk

Once again the Year 7 and 8 boarders were treated to a highly interesting and stimulating talk, given by Edwina Thomas, who is a producer for the BBC news service. She entertained the pupils with a 10 minute film which showed the kind of work she produces as part of the BBC team. The film featured an end of year news report which summed up the political events of 2010. She told of the difficulties she experienced in getting a job in the political world and highlighted the determination and perseverance required to succeed in this highly competitive business. She described herself as a ‘fixer’, as someone who dealt with the serious end of news, of the importance of fact and impartiality. Ms Thomas also explained the long hours, the stressful nature of the job, the excitement, ‘voxbopping’, ‘information bubbles’, high speed taxi rides with cameras and satellite dishes, of the dangers of getting hit by an over zealous camera man and even of abuse from the general public at highly charged political events. The pupils were given the opportunity to identify slides of important political landmarks and of important politicians and were not found to be wanting. Year 7 and 8 were very engaged by this fascinating insight into the life of a ‘fixer’ and they all asked very pertinent and relevant questions.

Campfire Fun & Games & Wimbledon Visit

It was another most enjoyable weekend at school with the boarders spending Saturday evening around the campfire in the outside classroom. Fun and games was had by all with sketches keeping everyone entertained.

Sunday morning saw an early breakfast and then with Mrs Chapman, Mrs Celerier and Mr Cox driving the minibuses the boarders made their way down to Wimbledon where they were treated to their own private tour which included sitting on Centre and Number 1 courts and answering questions in the press room where the children held their own press conference!

A tired group of children ended the weekend enjoying a game of indoor football before crawling into bed! Another special OBH weekend.


Wed 10 Oct – Match Cancellations

Grease & Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival

An action packed weekend

As a tired group of children went up to bed on Sunday night, the talk was that this had ‘been the best weekend ever’! Looking back over Saturday and Sunday the boarders certainly had some excellent events to attend and I must thank Miss Pugh for all her hard work in organising the two days.

On Saturday afternoon, following the two wins against Moreton Hall, the children all had match tea and it was onto the coach for the journey to Ipswich Regent for the 5pm show of ‘Grease’. Dancing and singing from all the group was compulsory including the staff!

After an evening buffet and a good night’s sleep Sunday started with the Chapel choir singing very well at Thorpe Morieux Church and the sermon was led by Rev Winter, Chaplain of Ipswich School. On our return to school a little bit of down time was followed by an early lunch and then it was off to the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival.

The choir had a two hour busking session in which they impressed all those who listened to them while the rest of the boarders had a ‘food foray’ (scavenging for food in the wild!) and then the chance to visit the many food stalls and try their free samples which was on offer. A particular favourite was the fudge stall which supplies Harrods, and to the stall holders delight we visited him again at the end of the day to buy all the children a bag of fudge and finish off what was a great afternoon.

After a superb roast dinner on our return it was off to the dorms to talk about the tough life as a boarder!


The English department is organising competitions during the academic year for pupils from Year 3 to Year 8 inclusive. This term there will be a poetry recitation competition.

The basic idea is to select a poem which must be six lines or more in length. The most important aspect is to learn it by heart so that you can recite it as naturally and comfortably as possible in front of the class. My one piece of advice would be that it is much better to look at your audience during your performance rather than peering at the floor or the ceiling. There can be a ‘performance’ element to your recitation.

The poem could be a ‘classic’ from hundreds of years ago, or it might be a contemporary poem written last year. You can get as much help as you like in terms of selection and practice. You might choose your poem from the ones studied in class, or a poetry book found in the school library or at home. In addition, there is the internet which is a great resource for poetry nowadays. Two websites I would recommend are:
These both have poems which can be found according to theme, on the latter you can hear the actual poet recite each one and there is even a children’s poetry archive section.
Everyone will have the opportunity to recite their poem in class, after half-term. The pupils and teacher will vote for what they feel are the best performances – by secret ballot – and finalists will then be selected. Remember that you will be voting for what you genuinely believe are the best recitations, not selecting someone because you are friends! If you are selected for the final but you really do not want to recite the poem again in front of a larger audience, then you can withdraw from the competition; after all, it is meant to be fun, not torture.

In the last week of term we will have the finals in the Britten Hall: Year 3 and Year 4 will be judged separately, Year 5 and Year 6 will compete against each other, as will Year 7 and Year 8. Good luck, remember that ‘practice makes perfect’ but, ultimately, that it is the taking part rather than winning which really counts.
Dr. Marshall, English Department, October 2012

Cake Sale

Roll up, roll up, calling all bakers and buyers!

Next Friends Pre-Prep and Prep Cake Stalls will be held at 12.00 noon 12th October 2012