“I’m an OBH Boarder, Get Me Out of Here!”

On Sunday morning, we went to Thorpe Morieux church for a very poignant and moving Remembrance Sunday service. We came back and made the most of the beautiful weather.

After lunch, the boarders enjoyed “I’m an OBH Boarder, Get Me Out of Here!”

There were four activities for each team – a mixture of team activities, physical challenges, problem-solving and taste and smell tests. Over the course of the afternoon, the boarders used benches, go-karts, gas masks and horseradish sauce! Our thanks go to Mr Drake for his help in organizing these events.

Mindful of exams the next day, all the children had plenty of opportunities to revise and we were very impressed by their conscientious approach. The day finished with a restful mix of revision, table tennis and relaxation.


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