January, 2013:

Boys’ 1st VII Crowned County Champions

Boys’ 1st VII Crowned County Champions


After two weeks of snow the 1st VII were straight into competition as they played at the County U13 tournament on Monday. This is always of a very high standard with the Suffolk Champions regularly proceeding to the National Finals and this year was no exception. The first match saw OBH up against the holders Ipswich. An OBH goal in the first minute meant an early lead but Ipswich soon took the score to 1-1. However, OBH then raised their game as they took control of the match, playing some excellent hockey to win 4-1. RHS were next and a 7-0 win meant that OBH had qualified for the semi-finals. A last group game came after a 40 minute break and the team were not at their best as Brandeston thoroughly deserved their 4-0 win. The first half of the semi-final was very close with Barnardiston and OBH both having chances but the game stood at 0-0 at half time. Again OBH stepped up their game and 3 well taken goals took the team to the final and qualification for the Regional Finals later in the term. The final was a re-match against Brandeston and the two best teams on the day fought out a very close match. Both teams had their chances to win but at 0-0 the game moved to golden goal and a minute into extra time the ball was drilled from the top of the D to win the County Championships for the first time in the school’s history.

Drawing Room Recital

The Drawing Room Recital that was originally planned for Monday 21st has moved to Monday 4th February at 4.30pm.



As there was no church service in the morning, the boarders had a “Pyjama Breakfast” instead, complete with bacon, pancakes, eggy-bread and porridge. They were then put back into their house teams for the Fireside Drama competition. They had 45 minutes to produce a short play of their own ideas. However, they had to use the four props which they had been given in the morning: umbrellas became shields, tennis balls became grenades, a game of Cluedo became evidence in a murder case and don’t even ask what Freddie Price used the purple dress for……. TheSaturn team of Richard Crawshay, Freddie Whitelaw, Juan Diaz, Nico Martin and Harry Middleton were deemed by Dr Marshall to be our overall winners.

After a hearty lunch and a visit to Mrs Lennon’s tuck shop, we ventured outside to play in the newly lain snow. Hot Chocolate awaited us on our return before we played our final house challenge: team Pictionary. This was a hotly-contested and hilarious battle; there were some excellent creative drawings and a fair share of, frankly, indecipherable efforts! Nevertheless, the same Saturn team emerged clear winners after ten rounds. Congratulations go to them. A hot supper and a cosy evening rounded off a really enjoyable weekend. My thanks go to Miss Maddever and Doctor Marshall for making this weekend such fun.


Quiz & Chips

This was always going to be an exciting the weekend as we kept a watchful eye on the skies to see how much snow we would receive.

After lunch on Saturday, we wrapped up nice and warm for a “Perambulation Around The Park” complete with vital accessories: dogs, rugby balls and snow catapults. Having reddened our cheeks, we returned to steaming cups of hot chocolate before settling down to a snugly Saturday afternoon of films.

After supper, the children got into house teams for the quiz. They were tested on their general knowledge, musical knowledge on an “intros” round, knowledge of logos and advertising slogans and guessing celebrities from just their eyes. Questions included: from where does Lego originate? What is the most popular food in the world? How many hearts does an octopus have? If I take 2 apples out of a basket containing 6 apples, how many apples do I have? Some not as easy as you think…. Have a go! The Mercury team of Archie Maxwell, Tom Buckle, Alfonso Lopez, Harry Pertwee & Amelia Udy were victorious! In other teams, Theo Flower demonstrated excellent knowledge of pop music whilst Elizabeth correctly identified “Hotel California” by The Eagles. Our thanks to Miss Biggins and Miss Bourke for producing the quiz.


Snow Update

OBH is operating as normal today. However we fully appreciate that local conditions and road surfaces may vary greatly and quite understand if parents don’t wish to bring their children in.

If pupils are away today we request that parents call the school office on 01449 740 252 to let us know.

Top Gear Challenge

After the service on Sunday, the children had a chance to relax a little – clay pigeon shooting was as popular as ever with some of the shooters only missing the odd clay! We have some real competition for the parents and children shoot at the end of the term.

After a hearty roast lunch the children were split into activity groups including cooking, board games in front of the fire and the Top Gear Challenge. The children made some fantastic cup cakes and decorated them beautifully. We all enjoyed them after supper that night! Thank you to Miss Barrett for organising this so well. Some children brought bean bags and cushions down and relaxed playing board games in front of the fire, ‘bop it’ seemed to be the star attraction, even though no one could beat Mr Drake’s epic score of 161! (challengers welcome!) The Top Gear challenge was also in full swing with a course marked out, they had to race around it in the fastest possible time. Despite the ground being a little boggy and not ideal for racing go karts, we had some excellent off road driving with Joel ‘the Stig’ Bahar coming out ahead with the fastest time.

Towards the end Mr Drake didn’t think that the children were muddy enough so he decide to invent a new event called ‘The Mud Derby’. This involved racing the karts down a section of track as fast as possible and through as many puddles as possible. The result, some very wet and muddy but very excited children! What fun and a great way to spent the afternoon. After all the excitement, the children settled down for a quiet supper before relaxing in front of a film to finish the weekend. The Year 8’s had one more activity which was Scottish dancing. By the time they had finished this I think it is fair to say that they were exhausted and ready for bed. Thank you to all the staff and the children for a fantastic weekend.


The Cube Challenge

The Cube Challenge started off the weekend, with a series of

mental, physical, skill and music based challenges all set up in the Britten Hall earlier in the day. The boys and girls were split up into four teams and asked to complete each challenge in pairs to earn points for their team. All the challenges were based on the Cube TV series and were quite challenging for all the competitors.


Match Cancellations Saturday 19th January

All matches that are in the calendar for this Saturday have been cancelled due to the weather.

Jo Celerier

Pre Prep Clubs

All Pre Prep Clubs will begin during the week commencing 7th January 2013.  Please can parents check the lists in the Pre Prep on Monday morning to see which clubs their child have been given a place for.

Many thanks

Kirstie Cobbald