As there was no church service in the morning, the boarders had a “Pyjama Breakfast” instead, complete with bacon, pancakes, eggy-bread and porridge. They were then put back into their house teams for the Fireside Drama competition. They had 45 minutes to produce a short play of their own ideas. However, they had to use the four props which they had been given in the morning: umbrellas became shields, tennis balls became grenades, a game of Cluedo became evidence in a murder case and don’t even ask what Freddie Price used the purple dress for……. TheSaturn team of Richard Crawshay, Freddie Whitelaw, Juan Diaz, Nico Martin and Harry Middleton were deemed by Dr Marshall to be our overall winners.

After a hearty lunch and a visit to Mrs Lennon’s tuck shop, we ventured outside to play in the newly lain snow. Hot Chocolate awaited us on our return before we played our final house challenge: team Pictionary. This was a hotly-contested and hilarious battle; there were some excellent creative drawings and a fair share of, frankly, indecipherable efforts! Nevertheless, the same Saturn team emerged clear winners after ten rounds. Congratulations go to them. A hot supper and a cosy evening rounded off a really enjoyable weekend. My thanks go to Miss Maddever and Doctor Marshall for making this weekend such fun.


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