Quiz & Chips

This was always going to be an exciting the weekend as we kept a watchful eye on the skies to see how much snow we would receive.

After lunch on Saturday, we wrapped up nice and warm for a “Perambulation Around The Park” complete with vital accessories: dogs, rugby balls and snow catapults. Having reddened our cheeks, we returned to steaming cups of hot chocolate before settling down to a snugly Saturday afternoon of films.

After supper, the children got into house teams for the quiz. They were tested on their general knowledge, musical knowledge on an “intros” round, knowledge of logos and advertising slogans and guessing celebrities from just their eyes. Questions included: from where does Lego originate? What is the most popular food in the world? How many hearts does an octopus have? If I take 2 apples out of a basket containing 6 apples, how many apples do I have? Some not as easy as you think…. Have a go! The Mercury team of Archie Maxwell, Tom Buckle, Alfonso Lopez, Harry Pertwee & Amelia Udy were victorious! In other teams, Theo Flower demonstrated excellent knowledge of pop music whilst Elizabeth correctly identified “Hotel California” by The Eagles. Our thanks to Miss Biggins and Miss Bourke for producing the quiz.


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