Murder Mystery

Saturday night started out with a bang, literally, when the boarders took part in ‘Horror at Homecoming’!

The dining room was transformed into an American High School, Homecoming Prom with all the relevant decorations. Beforehand, the children had been given characters and arrived in their costumes.

Following the announcement of Homecoming King and Queen the evening was rocked when one of the guests fell down dead (large gasp!) The children mingled and planted seeds of doubt into their opponents minds in the hope that they would implicate their fellow partygoers.

We were all rather shocked though, to find out that the murderer was none other than Elizabeth Giles in her role as Cindy Sensational. A massive thank you to all the staff who helped decorate the dining room and to the children for really getting into the spirit of the evening – and managing to keep secrets from each other!!


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