March, 2013:

Curve Motion

Sunday saw a small but perfectly formed group of boarders ready for a day of action. After a lie-in and a jim-jam breakfast, pupils had the option of making Mother’s Day cards and/or playing football with Mr Barrett. In the afternoon, the children all piled into the mini-bus for a trip to Curve Motion in Bury St Edmunds. The excitement set in: who could roller-skate? (Mrs Allanson) Who would roll on first? (Jaime and Hugo) Who would fall? (That would be telling) Who would do the splits? (Elliot). Roller skates at the ready, hats and pads on, the children cautiously rolled onto the Roller-Rink. Within two minutes, they were all confidently rushing past- it was very hard to capture Tilly and Macarena in a photo they were skating so quickly! After an hour, skaters then had the opportunity to visit the soft play area and have a go on the ‘death slide’. Charlie Drake was off to the ball park area in a blink of an eye and Millie Drake tested the death slide with a handful of foam balls. Deciding that there was great fun to be had, Gina Rigat kindly encouraged her young ward down the slopes with a smile and a giggle.
Back at school, the children were exhausted but they all agreed over tuck that they had had a lot of fun. Not as much as the staff I thought; it’s a shame we can’t wear our hats all of the time! Many thanks to Paul and the kitchen for all of their culinary inspiration and Mrs Lennon for her (genius) discovery of the extra chocolate fountain.

Race Night

Last weekend Boarders had the opportunity to ‘let down their hair’ and get involved in the fun entertainment organised by the duty staff. Saturday night saw the opening of our Latino Cantina (also known as the dining room), with bunting, balloons and much, much more! The children were asked to wear appropriate attire and to don their favorite head-wear chosen from a selection in the school room (courtesy of Mrs Brett and Mrs Lennon’s costume department). Elliot McBean-Willis selected a dapper top hat, Harry Pertwee opted for a Nora Batty number, Faith Bahar, Tilly Lockhart and Francesca Hughes fashioned their own (prize-winning) mini-top hats whilst Mrs Allanson chose a fabulous white ostrich-feather number. Upon entering the dining room with their hats, every child was given their own personal entrance ticket to the OBH Members Only Race Enclosure.
In the dining hall, Mrs Allanson set the mood with some Latino music and pupils were invited to come up to Mrs A and Mrs B’s mocktail bar. There was a vast array of choice, from Berry Berry Bliss, Mock Pina-Colada, Dracula’s Blood and Dr Thunder. Children took the opportunity to sample and re-fill from the bar with many opting for the cocktail umbrella, lemon and straw additions in their glasses. Appletini proved popular with the Year 7 boys, whilst Paula Munoz was eager to learn the secret recipe for a Blue Lagoon. Following a delicious meal of chilli beans and lamb-burgers, Mr Barrett invited the children up to the white and milk chocolate fountains. All enjoyed tucking into chocolate heaven. Many thanks to the catering staff for creating such wonderful fruit and marsh-mellow kebabs – yum!
After a leisurely meal, punters were invited to the new OBH Members Only Race Enclosure (aka the school room) which even Frankie Dettori would be envious of. Richard Crawshay made super use of his top hat and pulled out his ticket from this Very Safe Place. Mr Journeaux set up business in the ‘Bet Gap’ shop and race-goers were given £150 OBH pounds to bet on the gee-gees. Mr Barrett started the proceedings and dressed in his best top hat, proceeded to explain the rules and was a most excellent compere for the evening. Alex Routledge and Nicolas Martin both took risks that paid off and left a big hole in ‘Bet Gap’ cash flow. For others, the evening broke the bank but it was agreed that a good time was had by all.

Bowling and Laser Quest

With many boarders going home, we had a small and select group of boys at school on Sunday. After enjoying the final
performance of ‘Ill Met By Moonlight’ on Saturday evening, there was no better start to the Sunday morning than an extra 45 minutes in bed, followed by one of Mrs Lennon’s famous breakfasts.
‘Chill-out’ was the order of the morning with the added treat of creme eggs at breaktime. After lunch we departed for Sudbury – an afternoon of bowling and Laser Quest. The latter was especially energetic: half an hour of running around in semi-darkness all trying to ‘zap’ each other! This game was won by our Gap Student Harry Journeaux who thought a bit more carefully about his tactics—basically he stood in the same place and sim-ply ‘zapped’ everyone who went past him!
A quick change back at school was followed by Evensong at Thorpe Morieux. The OBH boys sang the hymns with gusto and enjoyed joining in the various spoken parts of the service. Back to school again for a tasty supper followed by another hour or so of relaxation and then bed—a most enjoyable day despite the inevitable grey skies!
Many thanks to Mrs Rice, Mrs Lennon and all who helped.

Scholarship Results

Congratulations to the following children who have been successful in their scholarship attempts:

Name Scholarship School
G. E. K. Bowman Thring Scholarship Uppingham
E. A. L. Giles Music Exhibition Oundle
J. C. K. Lecompte Albert Memorial Framlingham
A. L. Schanschieff All Rounder Oakham
I. K. W. Simmonds Art Scholarship Framlingham
W. H. D. Stanton Sports Scholarship Oundle







For more information regarding scholarships at OBH please click here

Easter Cricket Camp

The Cricket Camp will take place  on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th April starting at 10.00am with a finish time of 3.00pm.

We will be holding two days of coaching, using indoor and outdoor nets, square practices and bowling and batting clinics.

The cost for the course is £45 for both days and £25 for one day as per last year.

If you would like your child to attend please can you send an email to Mr Drake on to secure a place. Places are limited so it will be a first come first served basis.




U13 Boys’ Hockey Qualified for IAPS Nationals

Congratulations to the U13 Boys’ Hockey team for qualifying today for the IAPS Nationals.

More information in this weeks OBH.mail

Sunday 24th

A cold Sunday morning started with our church service. The choir sang beautifully with Oliver Raymond singing a wonderful solo. For all those who were in church we had a very humorous and thought provoking sermon from Rev Tiffer, the first of many which warmed us up in the very cold church!

On our return to OBH, the morning was taken up with the parents’ and pupils’ clay pigeon shoot. In a keenly fought contest second place went to Robin and Archie Maxwell and winners were Nick Drake and Freddie Price with a special prize going to Tim and Billy Vestey who I am sure will enjoy their shooting lesson!

In the afternoon some of the boarders enjoyed their cooking with Mrs Chapman while the rest of the boarders played in some very entertaining Netball and Hockey matches against the mothers and fathers. The girls were victorious against their mothers – just, while the fathers were clearly determined to win. Player of the match in the 1st XI game was Mr Bahar who made some outstanding saves with the Fathers winning as Robin Maxwell slotted away a goal against Archie! Some tired legs left the field and courts for a well deserved cup of tea!


Boarders’ ‘Variety Night’

Variety really was the name of the game on Sunday night! Despite some houses having considerably more children than others, everyone entered into the spirit of things. Each house entered an act for each of the following categories:

Poetry recital

Musical talent

Short dramatic piece

Anything goes!

We were entertained by acts ranging from beautiful piano playing to a sketch on what would happen if the staff swapped subjects. As always, the confidence that the children had in stepping up to perform in front of an audience was amazing and their inventiveness quite impressing – they had very little rehearsal time but this did not deter them and they really made an effort. Charlie Shelley as an alien is an image that will stay with me for quite some time! Many thanks to the children for making it such fun.


‘Ill Met by Moonlight Performance


The performance dates for the Senior School production of William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, adapted and re-titled ‘Ill Met By Moonlight’ are as follows:

Matinee 2.30pm Friday 15th March

Evening Performance 7.00pm Friday 15th March

Evening Performance 7.00pm Saturday 16th March

Everyone from all parts of the school, their friends and families are welcome to all 3 performances of this musical production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Please do come and support the cast – even if your child isn’t even in it! Come and see the high standard of theatre that the senior children produce. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed!


No tickets are issued for these performances. However, we do ask that you email Mrs Riddleston in the School Office to let her know the performance(s) you will be attending and she will reserve you seats.

There will be professional photographs taken and one of the performances will be professionally filmed. Prints of the photographs and copies of the DVD will be available to order.