Bowling and Laser Quest

With many boarders going home, we had a small and select group of boys at school on Sunday. After enjoying the final
performance of ‘Ill Met By Moonlight’ on Saturday evening, there was no better start to the Sunday morning than an extra 45 minutes in bed, followed by one of Mrs Lennon’s famous breakfasts.
‘Chill-out’ was the order of the morning with the added treat of creme eggs at breaktime. After lunch we departed for Sudbury – an afternoon of bowling and Laser Quest. The latter was especially energetic: half an hour of running around in semi-darkness all trying to ‘zap’ each other! This game was won by our Gap Student Harry Journeaux who thought a bit more carefully about his tactics—basically he stood in the same place and sim-ply ‘zapped’ everyone who went past him!
A quick change back at school was followed by Evensong at Thorpe Morieux. The OBH boys sang the hymns with gusto and enjoyed joining in the various spoken parts of the service. Back to school again for a tasty supper followed by another hour or so of relaxation and then bed—a most enjoyable day despite the inevitable grey skies!
Many thanks to Mrs Rice, Mrs Lennon and all who helped.

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