Curve Motion

Sunday saw a small but perfectly formed group of boarders ready for a day of action. After a lie-in and a jim-jam breakfast, pupils had the option of making Mother’s Day cards and/or playing football with Mr Barrett. In the afternoon, the children all piled into the mini-bus for a trip to Curve Motion in Bury St Edmunds. The excitement set in: who could roller-skate? (Mrs Allanson) Who would roll on first? (Jaime and Hugo) Who would fall? (That would be telling) Who would do the splits? (Elliot). Roller skates at the ready, hats and pads on, the children cautiously rolled onto the Roller-Rink. Within two minutes, they were all confidently rushing past- it was very hard to capture Tilly and Macarena in a photo they were skating so quickly! After an hour, skaters then had the opportunity to visit the soft play area and have a go on the ‘death slide’. Charlie Drake was off to the ball park area in a blink of an eye and Millie Drake tested the death slide with a handful of foam balls. Deciding that there was great fun to be had, Gina Rigat kindly encouraged her young ward down the slopes with a smile and a giggle.
Back at school, the children were exhausted but they all agreed over tuck that they had had a lot of fun. Not as much as the staff I thought; it’s a shame we can’t wear our hats all of the time! Many thanks to Paul and the kitchen for all of their culinary inspiration and Mrs Lennon for her (genius) discovery of the extra chocolate fountain.

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