May, 2013:

The Astronomical Ball

The Astronomical Ball promises to be a great party – excellent food, good wines and a fantastic live band. We are working extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure this is going to be an enjoyable and memorable evening.  To those of you who haven’t already purchased your tickets, please please get in touch to avoid disappointment.  If you have not got a table of ten, do not hesitate to get in touch with us because the committee are going to put tables together which will be great fun.

If you would like to talk to someone about table plans, please contact Kate Allen at or Bumble Gambier at – we would love to hear from you!

And a gentle, final reminder to all parents out there who might have something rather special to donate to our auction – it is not too late and before it goes live online, please get in touch with Caroline Wheeler at

Committee members – Emily Shelley, Bumble Gambier, Claire Crawshay, Kate Allen, Sonia Jewers, Nicola Harrison, Louise Harrison & Caroline Wheeler.

Family Camp Out

Last weekend saw the 2nd Annual Family Camp Out. Despite the inclement weather, the BBQ was fired up and the bar (for the parents!) was opened.

After a hearty burger and hot dog it was time for the much anticipated Danish Longball match between pupils and parents. Due to the number of children we had this year we had two innings. Year 7 and 8 handsomely beat the parents in the first innings and surprise, surprise the Year 6 and under also managed the same result. Perhaps it was because the parents had to play twice….?

After a quick ‘refreshment break’ whilst we lit the fire, all attendees gathered around the campfire for our now traditional song and skit. Hotel California was performed particularly well by the parents. No campfire would be complete without toasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and a ukulele – a great way to finish the night.

Following a brilliant night’s sleep, all piled into the dining room for a fantastic fried breakfast before parents spent some time with their children in the grounds, specifically the cricket nets.

Many thanks to the huge support from the parents and children who came along this year. We’ll order the sunshine for next year.


ASTRO APPEAL Auction and News

The Auction Lots for the Astronomical Summer Ball have now gone live – follow the link and start bidding!  Please take a minute to look through the list of fabulous prizes on offer, and support our efforts by bidding and spreading the word.

Keep checking the site because auction lots are still coming in and are not yet included in today’s list.  The website will be updated daily with the highest current bid.

Happy bidding, and thank you for your continued support.

From the Committee.

Bumble Gambier, Emily Shelley, Sonia Jewers, Kate Allen, Nicola Harrison, Samantha Bowman, Claire Crawshay, Louise Harrison & Caroline Wheeler.

Academic Scholarship Success

Congratulations to George Garber for being awarded an Academic Scholarship to Oundle School.

OBH creative writing book

Our 2013 creative writing book is now for sale on Amazon. 394 pages of stories and a few poems from Years 6-8 pupils. It is priced at £9.99, of which £1.25 per copy is profit which the pupils themselves are entitled to by way of Amazon vouchers. The book can be found under books/OBH on the Amazon website.
Everyone in Years 7-8 has at least one piece in there, some as many as six. Nearly everyone in Year 6 has
something in there and I will add further contributions once I receive them.
Rodney Marshall

Toga Party, House Olympics & ’The Italian Job’ weekend

After a long afternoon of rounders and cricket matches, with a couple of close games and a few wins, the children were ready to change into their Italian coloured clothes for a special Italian meal prepared by Chef Paul. We had a taste of chicken and chorizo risotto,lasagne with tomato and mozzarella salad followed by chocolate panncotta.

After supper, Mrs Lennon’s suggestion to open up the tuck shop was greeted with a round of applause, so off to the tuck shop we all went.

That was followed by a visit to the swimming pool. All of the children joined in and enjoyed their evening swim. Then it was upstairs for an Italian themed film before bed (‘The Lizzie McGuire movie’ for the girls and the original, as requested by the children, ‘Italian Job’ for the boys) with the evening rounded off with hot chocolate for the boys and a pampering session for the girls with a nail salon being set up by Miss C.


Sunday started with a lie-in and a PJ breakfast. Mrs Lennon kindly cooked a full breakfast of eggy bread, pancakes and bacon which was followed by ‘toga rounders’ in the sun. This was a closely fought match with a narrow victory for the girls’ team (including Juan and Gian!).

With a variety of toppings, the children were spoilt for choice when they came to make their own lunch of home-made pizzas.   Some were very creative with their decoration!  While the pizzas were cooking there was just enough time for another quick dip in the pool.

With the weather being so nice, the children enjoyed their pizza’s outside,  picnic style.  Still dressed in togas, some of the children found them to be useful as picnic blankets too.

Then it was back to the pool  for the gondola building activity. There were three teams who were all given the same amount of equipment and had to build a gondola which would carry all of the team, one at a time, across the length of the swimming pool. The teams made a magnificent effort to build their gondola but to get it to the other end of the pool successfully was another story!

Finally, Gian, Milly, Paula, Nico, Hugo and Oliver were declared the winners as they had managed to get the four team members across safely. This was a great afternoon activity which really was enjoyed by all. When the children eventually left the pool, Mrs Lennon opened the tuck shop again. before some free time and a roast dinner supper.



A huge thank you to Mr Hayes, Miss Barrett, Miss Maddever and Mrs Rice who were as exhausted by the end of the weekend as were the children!



‘A Night at the Musicals’

On Thursday 23rd May we will be having ‘A Night at the Musicals’. This will be a lovely opportunity for you to see the Pupils in years 3 – 8 performing songs from many of the famous musicals we all know and love.

Parents are warmly invited to attend this hour long concert which will take place in the Britten Hall at 7pm (drinks served from 6.30pm).

Toby Dunham, Director of Music


Battlefield Live, ‘Bondhunt’ and Movie Night

Following breakfast and a lovely Confirmation Service, the troops dressed down and were transported to Jimmy’s Farm for Battlefield Live. Now, competition is always where we see our children come alive … and did they?! With Mr Drake leading the ‘camo’ team and Miss C the black team, they went head to head in a ruthless battle of laser tag. While Miss Pugh and Mrs Drake retreated to look at the very cute piggies, they ran up and down valleys, ducked behind trees and above all else, made sure they got Mr Drake. When we all met up 2 hours later, they were happy, full of excitement and thoroughly exhausted. On returning to school we all sat down for a relaxed supper before getting the now famous, 3 man water balloon catapult out and finally settling down to our favourite Bond Movie.

An absolutely great start to the term and a fun weekend for all involved. Many thanks must go to the weekend staff especially our wonderful gappies and Miss C who did a fantastic job with our mocktails and preparation. Also, we would like to extend our warm congratulations to Amy, Theo, Archie and Oscar who were all Confirmed on Sunday. We hope you had a wonderful day with your families.


‘Shaken, not stirred, mocktail party’

This term’s boarding programme kicked off on a very big high this weekend as OBH went ‘secret service’ for a couple of days. On Saturday evening, the dining room was transformed into a Las Vegas Casino and the children donned their best cocktail dresses or came dressed as their favourite Bond characters complete with velvet smoking jackets, pet cats and metal teeth. Even the staff made an effort with the ladies dusting off their ‘going out’ dresses and Mr Drake managing to pour himself into a tuxedo that hasn’t seen the light of day since his early twenties.

Our casino evening was fantastic. With a murder mystery at the centre of it, the children took the role of various dodgy guests of the illustrious Ronald Trump and his wife Iguana and, while trying to make the most money possible on roulette, black jack and poker, tried to work out who was the villain amongst them. With a fabulous mocktail bar provided by Miss C, the evening was sure to be a great success and was. Shame on Hustling Hailey, otherwise known as Mia Derrick, who had “offed” her husband for his insurance money!