Battlefield Live, ‘Bondhunt’ and Movie Night

Following breakfast and a lovely Confirmation Service, the troops dressed down and were transported to Jimmy’s Farm for Battlefield Live. Now, competition is always where we see our children come alive … and did they?! With Mr Drake leading the ‘camo’ team and Miss C the black team, they went head to head in a ruthless battle of laser tag. While Miss Pugh and Mrs Drake retreated to look at the very cute piggies, they ran up and down valleys, ducked behind trees and above all else, made sure they got Mr Drake. When we all met up 2 hours later, they were happy, full of excitement and thoroughly exhausted. On returning to school we all sat down for a relaxed supper before getting the now famous, 3 man water balloon catapult out and finally settling down to our favourite Bond Movie.

An absolutely great start to the term and a fun weekend for all involved. Many thanks must go to the weekend staff especially our wonderful gappies and Miss C who did a fantastic job with our mocktails and preparation. Also, we would like to extend our warm congratulations to Amy, Theo, Archie and Oscar who were all Confirmed on Sunday. We hope you had a wonderful day with your families.


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