‘Shaken, not stirred, mocktail party’

This term’s boarding programme kicked off on a very big high this weekend as OBH went ‘secret service’ for a couple of days. On Saturday evening, the dining room was transformed into a Las Vegas Casino and the children donned their best cocktail dresses or came dressed as their favourite Bond characters complete with velvet smoking jackets, pet cats and metal teeth. Even the staff made an effort with the ladies dusting off their ‘going out’ dresses and Mr Drake managing to pour himself into a tuxedo that hasn’t seen the light of day since his early twenties.

Our casino evening was fantastic. With a murder mystery at the centre of it, the children took the role of various dodgy guests of the illustrious Ronald Trump and his wife Iguana and, while trying to make the most money possible on roulette, black jack and poker, tried to work out who was the villain amongst them. With a fabulous mocktail bar provided by Miss C, the evening was sure to be a great success and was. Shame on Hustling Hailey, otherwise known as Mia Derrick, who had “offed” her husband for his insurance money!


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