Toga Party, House Olympics & ’The Italian Job’ weekend

After a long afternoon of rounders and cricket matches, with a couple of close games and a few wins, the children were ready to change into their Italian coloured clothes for a special Italian meal prepared by Chef Paul. We had a taste of chicken and chorizo risotto,lasagne with tomato and mozzarella salad followed by chocolate panncotta.

After supper, Mrs Lennon’s suggestion to open up the tuck shop was greeted with a round of applause, so off to the tuck shop we all went.

That was followed by a visit to the swimming pool. All of the children joined in and enjoyed their evening swim. Then it was upstairs for an Italian themed film before bed (‘The Lizzie McGuire movie’ for the girls and the original, as requested by the children, ‘Italian Job’ for the boys) with the evening rounded off with hot chocolate for the boys and a pampering session for the girls with a nail salon being set up by Miss C.


Sunday started with a lie-in and a PJ breakfast. Mrs Lennon kindly cooked a full breakfast of eggy bread, pancakes and bacon which was followed by ‘toga rounders’ in the sun. This was a closely fought match with a narrow victory for the girls’ team (including Juan and Gian!).

With a variety of toppings, the children were spoilt for choice when they came to make their own lunch of home-made pizzas.   Some were very creative with their decoration!  While the pizzas were cooking there was just enough time for another quick dip in the pool.

With the weather being so nice, the children enjoyed their pizza’s outside,  picnic style.  Still dressed in togas, some of the children found them to be useful as picnic blankets too.

Then it was back to the pool  for the gondola building activity. There were three teams who were all given the same amount of equipment and had to build a gondola which would carry all of the team, one at a time, across the length of the swimming pool. The teams made a magnificent effort to build their gondola but to get it to the other end of the pool successfully was another story!

Finally, Gian, Milly, Paula, Nico, Hugo and Oliver were declared the winners as they had managed to get the four team members across safely. This was a great afternoon activity which really was enjoyed by all. When the children eventually left the pool, Mrs Lennon opened the tuck shop again. before some free time and a roast dinner supper.



A huge thank you to Mr Hayes, Miss Barrett, Miss Maddever and Mrs Rice who were as exhausted by the end of the weekend as were the children!



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