Wild West

On Saturday evening the cowboys and cowgirls tucked into a delicious ‘Wild West Meal’ before taking to the dance floor lead by Miss Bourke. Everyone made a real effort and thoroughly got into it. Afterwards, they had Cryptic Cowboy Hide & Seek game. The pupils were divided into houses with a leader/sheriff in charge of each team. They had to solve four cryptic clues in order to discover the hidden locations of four teachers, e.g. ‘If you didn’t know better you might think that art lessons took place here’ (the Drawing Room). At each location, they had a timed period to answer themed questions. Every clue was cracked and Mercury and Jupiter were the joint winners. To end the evening they bashed down a cowboy boot piñata and enjoying tucking into the treats.

After a leisurely PJ breakfast on Sunday morning, the children  dusted off their cowboy hats and boots once again and tried their luck on the bunking bronco, shooting gallery, bouncy castle, horse shoe and cactus games. Late afternoon the heavens opened so the fire was lit in the Inner Hall and Miss Pugh’s 1800 piece puzzle was started! After supper all children collapsed in front of a film in their PJ’s.

A special thanks to all the children and staff for making such a great effort with their costumes, Miss Bourke for the dancing and the kitchen staff for feeding us all so well.

Yee Ha!


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