Ready Steady Cook and Monster Trucks

On Saturday night the children were split up into small groups and were given a basket of food, a recipe card and a small gas stove in the woods. They eagerly worked as a team and prepared their spaghetti bolognaise.  The food was delicious and the atmosphere was buzzing- we certainly have some budding chefs at OBH.

Following the meal and a sing song around the campfire the children took on the challenge of a ‘Blind Sisal’ course through Rory’s Place. In the dark, each group in turn was placed at one end of a rope and then all but one (the leader) were blindfolded. The aim was to keep the whole group together and get from one end of the rope to the other in the quickest time. The leader gave instructions about what was ahead whilst the rest of the group, somewhat disorientated, had to stay in contact with the person in front and edge their way along the rope. Lots of entertainment and some interesting lessons learned from this strange and perplexing experience!  To end the evening they all had hot chocolate and marshmallows.


Sunday morning soon arrived, the musicians set off for the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival and the rest of the Boarders went to Barrow to see a Monster Truck show. This proved to be a very entertaining day with monster trucks demolishing cars with great ease and motor bikes doing various stunts and flipping 360 into the air. We had fantastic seats for the breath taking performance. We all re-grouped back at OBH for a hearty Sunday roast.

Another super weekend!


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