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Great excitement this week when the first half of the long awaited Land Rover arrived from motor Specialist Paul Rose, based near Diss, for the children to begin to restore as part of their Design & Technology curriculum. With only 5,000 miles on the clock, the 1975 Land Rover was in service at RAF Wattisham until 1989 as a fire unit with a water pump fitted to the power take-off unit.

Sadly its retirement was not a happy one as it was parked up and left to rot! However the vehicle was rescued and has now found a new home at OBH.
Tom Chinnery,Design & Technology teacher is planning for all children in Years 5—8 to take part in the restoration programme either as part of their DT lessons or as an extra-curricular activity in DT club.
The purpose of this long term project is to expose technical challenges to the children of stripping and re-building the vehicle and to learn a variety of skills to include metal work, mechanics, finishing and restoration. Once the initial strip down is complete, and the new galvanised chassis purchased, the second half of the Land Rover will arrive so that the children can continue with the ultimate aim of restoring the Land Rover to its original condition.Land rover 3

Land rover 2

Land rover 1

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