Campfire & Ultimate Manhunt & Suffolk Ski Centre

The weekend started with our annual game of ‘Ultimate manhunt’. The weather was perfect, dry and crisp with a full moon so the children had to be extra stealthy to escape the Hunter force! Most, if not all,  the boys and girls managed to get round to all the base camps (orienteering points) which were scattered around the school grounds, some managed to make it without getting caught by the very fit and clandestine hunter force which this year were intent on catching all of their friends!

The girls came out the winners this year beating the boys, who were just content to dive around in the mud all night! A great evening.


On Sunday after some very competitive and exciting clay pigeon shooting, we all dressed up warmly, ready to throw ourselves down an artificial ski slope. Only this time it wouldn’t be ski’s we would be using, a plastic toboggan would be the weapon of choice!  The slope was quite steep and long enough to get a good run. After a quick cup of hot chocolate to finish we loaded  back on the buses ready to get back to school for a well-earned supper before embarking on the final activity of the weekend, Scottish dancing.

The children, and staff, were exhausted after such an energetic weekend, but we are all looking forward to the next one!


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