OBE’s Module: Navigation and compass work

Over the last few weeks the Year 6, 7,and 8’s have been working towards their compass and navigation module. The aim is to plan, plot and pace out a route which the group can do during one of the PE lessons in the week. Using the online ‘getamap’ website (which I would recommend you look at for family walks etc.) they have planned and plotted routes. At this stage they are no longer than 3.5km with the aim being each group to plan and plot a route which they will walk when we have a suitable time frame.

I am glad to say that all groups are working well and getting used to using the ‘old fashioned’ way of navigation. In a world where everything is electronic and GPS are the gadget of choice, there may well be less a need for basic compass work, however there will come a time when these skills will need to be utilised and simple self-reliance skills such as this do come in very handy!


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