OBE’s – Special guest!

This week we had a very special guest in our outdoor classroom. The Headmaster came out to join us,  with the aim to make him a decent cup of coffee using all the skills the children had learned over the past few weeks.

Despite the somewhat blustery conditions they managed to get the fire started straight away using our old friend silver birch bark, and within five minutes we had the water boiling and ready for the best cup of coffee the Headmaster had ever tasted! He was so impressed with the children’s skills that he insisted in getting stuck in himself and showed us all that he had also watched plenty of Bear Grylls episodes! With one strike of his flint he had another fire going and before you could say costa coffee the water was on and boiling, ready to make the children delicious cups of hot chocolate!

What a great afternoon and we all enjoyed having he headmaster in our outdoor classroom, next time he promised to make us all lunch!


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