March, 2014:

Easter Cricket Camp

Thank you for those that have signed up for the cricket camp this year. If you would like to reserve your place please send a cheque into school for either, £55 for both days or £30 for a single day. And a reminder that the camp as per last year has limited spaces.

The Camp will be held on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th April starting at 10.00am with a finish time of 4.00pm. We will be holding two days of coaching, using indoor and outdoor nets, square practices and bowling and batting clinics. We will also be running our first SUPER SIX tournament on the new astro!

If you would like to attend please can you send an email to Mr Drake on to secure a place.


Year 8 20 mile Training Walk

On Friday last week Year 8 set off for their first of three training sessions for the summer expedition. The aim was simply to cover the distance whilst practicing their basic camp craft and navigation skills.
At 08.45 the group mounted the mini busses ready to be driven to the drop off point. The children seemed to be excited especially as the fog still hadn’t lifted and the visibility was around 50m. Perfect for navigation training in the hills! Once we had the initial safety brief under our belts it was time to check maps, put on rucksacks, check equipment, pockets, pouches, poles and packed lunches and off we went!
The group took it in turns to navigate the various sections of the 20mile course, and if we went wrong then it was a case of finding a way back to the original route. Thankfully their navigation skills were spot on and not once did we stray from the path.
At various point the children stopped to get a ‘brew on’ using their storm stoves and mini pots, which they did brilliantly and efficiently. As the miles ticked away the children remained in good spirits. Just after the ten mile point we stopped for our lunch break, met by Miss Pugh who dished out a lolly pop or two just to keep the children going. I was very impressed with all the children and although there were a few sore feet they never complained.

After a good lunch it was time to set off again and the task for the afternoon was to get to the sundial at 4pm on the dot, not a minute before or after. That would mean the pace in the afternoon would have to be relentless. They were up for it, and so were my co-walkers, Mrs D and Mr Pringle who were fantastic company throughout the entire mini expedition.  Short breaks for water and sun cream, the odd biscuit and sweetie, the pace continued to be good and with some excellent navigation we had very few stops to check the map. We were on course, but it was going to be tight. I had to crack the whip a few times but the children all responded well.

With less than a mile to go the children really stepped up, the pace was good and it looked like we would finish. At 4pm exactly the children had their hands on the sundial, and then promptly collapsed on the croquet lawn, exhausted but thrilled that they had completed yet another challenge. We are all so proud of the children for what they have achieved; they are proving to be a self-reliant, well rounded and confident bunch of boys and girls.

Tougher tests lie ahead, but I am sure we will tackle them with the same tenacity, enthusiasm and plenty of the OBH grit and determination that all the children here seems to have!

Well done boys and girls I am very proud of you.

Mr D.

Year 8 20 mile Training Walk 5 Year 8 20 mile Training Walk 4 Year 8 20 mile Training Walk 3 Year 8 20 mile Training Walk 2 Year 8 20 mile Training Walk 1

Tennis News

Tennis Camps

We are planning to run Day tennis camps 9:00am to 3.00 pm £25 per day per child and Mini tennis camps 10.00 -12.00 pm £8 per day per child during the holidays in Easter, Summer and October half term.

April 2014
Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd: Day
Friday 4th: mini camp
Wednesday 9th &Thursday 10th: Day
Friday 11th:  mini camp

July 2014
Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th: Day
Friday 11th: mini camp

October 2014
Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd: Day
Friday 24th: mini camp

Please contact Lee Tweed on


Ladies Morning Tennis

As the weather is getting better we are planning to start up our Ladies Morning’s after the Easter Break- Monday & Thursday 8:30 am until 10.00 am.  Cost is £9 per session.


Tennis Box League

There is a sign up sheet on the Tennis notice board for a box League for Years 3-8. The children will be put in the appropriate box and there is prize money for the winner of each box.

This will start after Easter and be useful preparation for the School matches.


Food Preparation

Question: How do you poach an egg on the camp fire?

Answer: With a potato!


Some of our young an old OBE’s had their first chance to do some camp fire cooking , using a potato and  an egg. This makes the perfect poached egg and it tastes delicious!

Here are the instructions for all you wannabe outdoor chefs at home. Please make sure that if you are doing this with your children, they are supervised at all times.


1.       All you need is an egg and a potato.

2.      Slice the top of the potato off, so that it will  form the lid for the cooking stage.

3.       Cut enough of the inside of the potatoes out of the middle making sure you don’t go all the way through to the bottom.

4.       Scoop all the insides out and make sure it is big enough inside to hold the egg.

5.       Get your camp fire nice and hot and clear some room in the embers to place the potato.

6.       Crack your egg inside the potato making sure the yolk does not split.

7.       Place the lid back on the potato and carefully place it in the embers of the fire.

8.       Leave it to cook for 15 minutes or until it is the way you like it!


Try this at home this weekend if you have time, and email me the pictures of your results!

Happy cooking!

Mr D.


Battlefield Live Jimmy’s Farm

On Sunday one of the old favourite boarding activities returned, Battlefield Live at Jimmy’s Farm. Before entering the woods armed with long range laser guns, the group was split into two teams Ninja and Camo Commandos. We had to destroy the other team’s base, capture the flag and stop any invasions. The battle took place for over an hour with Camo Commandos winning.  We then all bundled back onto the mini buses to return to school for a hearty roast.


Murder mystery pirate night at the Salty Inn

On Saturday evening the boarders set sail – metaphorically speaking – for the Seven Seas as they enjoyed a pirate version of a murder mystery. Despite drawing the short straw of being a corpse, Max Woods was still able to mingle among the crowd, seeking information and offering money in return for information. Charles Jewson and Eddie Gambier performed admirably in their main roles as speakers and Milly Pryke and Robin Mathewson won special (edible) awards as splendidly dressed pirates, with Oliver Meredith not far behind. Patrick Fitzpatrick turned out to be the murderer as Rufus Easdale and a number of other pirate investigators correctly guessed.


Curiouser & Curiouser Performance

Wednesday 26th March

  • Matinee Performance 2:30pm
  • Evening Performance 7:00pm

Thursday 27th March

  • Evening Performance 7:00pm

Audiences are welcome to come to any or all of the performances. No tickets will be issued therefore seating will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Young Art East Anglia: Celebrating Children’s Art

Great News! Not only have we raised £152 for Cancer Research UK by 76 OBH children entering the Art competition, 14 children’s work has been selected for the Myths, Legends & Fairytales exhibition at the Peter Pears Gallery in Aldeburgh on 14th,15th and 16th March.

So well done ALL the children who entered and congratulations to the young artists who were selected!


  • Gregory Cutler 3EW
  • Matilda Grant 3EW
  • Scarlett Simmonds 3EW
  • Jasper Ackroyd-Cooper 4AJ
  • Otto Bagshaw 4SG
  • Marina Crawshay 5TB
  • Claudia Harrison 5TB
  • Jamie Dilnot 5CR
  • Freddie Raymond 5CR
  • Cosima Dixon Smith 6PS-KA
  • Marcus Hall 6PS-KA
  • Georgina Jewson 6PS-KA
  • Maddy Weir 6PS-KA
  • Alick Liddell 6CE-SH

myths, legends & fairytails