April, 2014:

Grandparents’ & Godparents’ day

The children will be shortly sending out invitations to their grandparents and godparents for this special day in the OBH calendar.  However, please do ask your family members and friends to save the date in their diaries.


Roller Disco & PJ breakfast followed by rehearsal

After our supper on Saturday night, Mrs Chapman, Mrs Warren and Mr Turner bundled 40 excited boarders into three minibuses and set off for Bury St Edmunds.

On arrival, having been kitted out with roller skates, the group took to the rink. Roller skating is clearly an ideal opportunity to let off steam and our group did not hesitate to take full advantage of this!  Despite a variety in levels of competence, everyone had a smile on their face and all were happy to have a go including Mr Turner. Mrs Warren and Mrs Chapman on the other hand, watched nervously from the side, clutching the first aid bag and having the occasional chocolate to calm their frayed nerves.

Although there were a couple of incidents of bruised pride and sore bottoms,  thankfully the session came to an end with everyone still in good spirits.  It was a wonderfully entertaining evening and a great time was had by all. Even Mrs Chapman and Mrs Warren deigned to admit that they had had a super evening too.

On Sunday, after a successful day rehearing for Curiouser and Curiouser the children grabbed their waterproofs and armed with their cryptic clue set of on their search for their Easter eggs. Only two teams managed to complete all nine clues –mainly due to Mr Drake’s warped sense of humour!    In the end all teams managed to find enough chocolate to keep everyone happy.

We hope everyone has a restful Easter and will return refreshed ready for some more action packed weekend fun!