OBH Creative writing book published

The 2014 OBH creative writing book (Years 6-8) has now been published and is available from Amazon and called Brothers and Sisters and Other Stories. (Simply go to ‘books’ and type in OBH, making sure you buy this year’s book, not last year’s!)

As usual, the emphasis is on Year 8, then Year 7 and, finally, some Year 6.

Some pupils have a number of stories/poems inside, others only one. Because the book is ‘published on demand’ anyone who does not currently feature can send me their work and 48 hours later it can be in the updated book. For anyone who does not wish to buy a copy, I can send them an electronic version. Simply e-mail me:


Subjects this year include: WW1 trench life; Oradour (WW2); Arabian nights; stories narrated by animals; film teasers; diamantes.

Brother & Sisters

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