August, 2014:

OBH 2 day Summer Camp

Dear Parents


Thank you to all those parents who have signed up their children for the Summer Sports and Activity Camp.  From all the replies we have received it is clear that it would be better for the course held over two days rather than three therefore we have condensed the camp course to take place on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th August 10.00 am – 4.00 pm.   


There are a handful of places left for the camp which is open to children from ages 7-13 and will comprise a chocolate box of activities including hockey, cricket, netball, rounder’s and a range of bushcraft activities, including how to build a den that withstands the elements and creating fire without matches!


The two day camp will focus on teamwork and collaboration and will include plenty of exercise and outdoor activity. Specialist coaches will be on hand to support the children with specific skills sessions.


What time do we need to be there?

Please can all children arrive between 0945 and 10am on the first day (Thursday) so that we can register them.


What will they be doing?

The children will have the opportunity to do a wide range of sports, whilst also having the chance to do some of our OBE  (Old Buckenham Explorers) activities as well. Some of the sports we will be offering will be, hockey (mixed) football, rounders, kwik cricket, touch rugby, dodge ball, uni hok,and we will also be running activities such as Survival, Bushcraft and den building as well. If the weather is warm enough there will be an opportunity to run some swimming sessions as well!


What do we need to bring?

I would suggest that you keep an eye on the weather and bring water proofs/fleeces and other warm kit if necessary but I am sure that that will not be needed!

Sports equipment:

Hockey – hockey stick, shin pads and gum shield, Astro shoes if you have them.

Football –shin pads

Swimming –swimming costume and towel

Outdoor activities – long trousers, tracksuit bottoms is fine and trainers or outdoor shoes.


Lunch and snacks.

Can you supply a packed lunch and a snack (optional) with a water bottle that they can fill throughout the day.


Medication and allergies

When you register your child in the morning can you hand over any medication that they might need. I will make sure that all staff are aware of any medication, such as inhalers, and will discuss with you any other allergies or medical requirements. Please do email me directly if you have any further medical inquiries.



Thank you for those that have paid in advance. Obviously now that we have cut the course down to two days those who have paid for three will be refunded for that third day. If you have not paid the daily rate of £35 per child please can you bring a cheque payable to Old Buckenham Hall and hand it in during registration.


Please email me at Nick Drake on to register your child.


Kind regards


Nick Drake