Clay Pigeon Shoot

It was a wonderful morning, more than anyone could have asked for brisk but bright sunshine. The first group of shooters arrived early and the lucky ones were treated to some bacon sandwiches with tea and coffee. After registering the shooters were given a brief safety introduction and then we went on a walk around the stands.


Stand A was a difficult stand to start off with a left to right crossing target followed by a rabbit left to right. The best shooter on stand A was James Kaberry who managed a very respectable 9/10 this was closely followed by Rupert Brown, Jamie Strutt and James Bevan with 7/10. The children only attempted the rabbit trap with both Tom LJ and Henry Bevan achieving 5/5.


Stand B was a fast left to right Midi target followed by a slow right to left standard target. The best adult scorer on this stand was Josh Bates who achieved a very good score of 9/10. The best children were Henry Bevan with 5/5 followed by George DLR and Oscar Brown with 4/5.


Stand C was up there with the most difficult traps of the layout.  A going away mini target (nicknamed the paracetamol trap) and a going away standard trap.  Notable adults scores James Bevan, Duncan Liddell and Josh Bates achieving a 8/10 score. Notable children scores: Max Woods, Tom LJ and Henry LJ achieving a 4/5 score.


Stand D was the most testing trap of them all a right to left simultaneous pair. This trap boasting the lowest scoring stand on the day with the average adult score of 4 and child score of 2. That said some adults were able to pull through and achieve some high scorings. Notable performances from James Bevan (10/10), Robert Woods, Josh Bates (9/10), William LJ and Alister Macintosh (8/10). Notable child performances, Theo Kaberry and Arthur Bagshaw 3/5 and Flossie Myers 2/5


The final stand for the day was a confidence boosting low standard incoming target and a high standard incoming target. This stand boasted some of the largest scores of the day albeit it being straight into the sun for most people. Several Adults score 10/10 on this stand and many children achieved 5/5. They include Flossie Myers, Tom LJ, Caspar Boyce, Sam Harrison, George DLR and Henry Bevan.


The pull shoot attracted a huge following on the day and was largely responsible to the delay of over one and a half hours for lunch… my apologies to the kitchen! With over 32 people taking part in the pull shoot to try and get their hands on the £100 prize fun – competition was fierce.  The stand was an interesting one.  An oscillating trap behind a cover to ensure a  surprise clay to test the shooter


Only 4 people managed to obtain a score of Zero naming no names…….   No one was able to get near 10/10 with the highest score being 7 closely followed by a 6. The average score for the pull shoot was 4.


Final Results

Highest Parent and Child Score Combined : James Bevan and Henry Bevan 68/75

High Adult Gun: James Bevan/ Josh Bates 43/50

High Child Gun : Henry Bevan 25/25

High Child Female Gun : Flossie Myers 12/25

Best Pull Shoot score: James Bevan / Rob Myers 7/10


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