Valentine’s Crafts and OBH Cupcake Bake off!

Following a peaceful Sunday morning in church, serenaded by the wonderful chapel choir – with Freddie Raymond singing a beautiful solo – the boarders returned to OBH ready and raring for a fun-packed Sunday.  The morning saw the pupils coming into the Art Studio for Mrs Bolton’s special ‘Valentine’s Crafts’.  With a number of pupils involved in Mr Chinnery’s Shoot, the remaining boarders seized the opportunity to make their own Valentine cards, glass paint Valentine’s designs, continue with the Hama bead craze, face-painting and badge-making.  Sienna Middleton and Poppy Simmonds made a super collection of cards, Oliver Meredith and Rupert Mathers got to grips with the finer points of button-badge design, Imogen Hainsworth, Georgie Jewson, Anlan Wang and Jemima Kaberry face painted to their heart’s content, whilst Mercedes Aguirre and Maya de Alwis were guided by Mrs Rice with her Hama bead expertise.

The boys headed out to the astro with Mrs Blackhurst to play football and then returned to the Art Studio for some crafting and to warm up!  The results were super and a good time was had by all.

Following a delicious Sunday lunch and tuck, the boarders piled into the dining room for the first stages of the OBH Valentine’s Cupcake Bake-off.  Rumours of a celebrity appearance by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood were rife (although there were concerns whether their busy filming schedule would permit them to judge).  So, with this in mind, all of the participants took their bakes very seriously and listened carefully to Mrs Blackhurst’s culinary pearls of wisdom. Following a bit of much needed ‘down-time’ and more card-making, the pupils (and some shooters) returned ready to decorate their cakes.  They made excellent use of the beautiful sprinkles, Mrs Blackhurst and Mrs Rice’s lovely fondant flowers and hearts.  There were so many wonderful creations the competition would be fierce and staff were quite relieved that Mary and Paul were making their way to OBH for the big event via the BBC limo.

At supper, the tension was palpable, with bakers anxious to find out who would be the lucky winners.  As ‘Mary’ and ‘Paul’ entered the dining hall to judge the competition, it was clear that all of the boarders were very excited!  Congratulations to ‘Star Bakers’ Maddie Anderson, Jorge Domingo, winners Maya de Alwis and Alick Liddell and finally to Arabella Woo – who had been a superstar all day for looking after the younger children.  The children tucked into their cakes before the start of Mr Drake’s amazing ‘THE CUBE’ competition where various skill games had been laid out in the Britten Hall.  There were several super achievements such as Ned Stanton’s and Francesca’s Hughes’ ball throwing into a hoop from the balcony.  A good time was had by all and I think it was fair to say that all of the pupils got into the spirit of the activity as they had done all day!  Mary and Paul both agreed that all of the children had been good sports – well done to all of the boarders!


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