13 Scholarships awarded

It has been a fantastic few weeks for Scholarship awards at OBH, with 13 scholarships awarded in total.

Name Scholarship School
M.E.T. Anderson Art Exhibition Culford
F.E. Bahar Albert Memorial Framlingham
W.J. Hilsum Headmaster’s Jubilee Culford
F.C. Hughes Sport Oakham
J.R.K. Lecompte Albert Memorial Framlingham
T.M. Lockhart Art Exhibition Framlingham
D.H.E. Minter Academic Ampleforth
S. Ponty Albert Memorial Framlingham
M.H.M.J Townsend Queen’s Academic Ipswich School
M.H.M.J Townsend Colchester Grammar 13+
Place awarded
Colchester Royal Grammar
M.O. Webster Music Woodbridge
M.O. Webster Music Framlingham
M.R.S. Woods The Thring Uppingham













A huge congratulations to all the children who have worked so hard to achieve these scholarships.

All of their hard work and determination has really paid off, well done!

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