Ampton Point to Point

After a hearty breakfast, Mrs. Campbell, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Turner, Mrs. Thornton and Mrs. Riddleston joined the boarders to head off to Ampton Point to Point.

Emma Buckle was racing in one of the pony races and was given some very vocal support while she paraded round the Paddock.  Emma rode gamely round the course but came through after the first three.

The rest of the afternoon was spent betting on all the races with the OBH sweetie tote.  Form was studied carefully and bets placed!  Some of the girls went behind the scenes to see the jockeys weigh-in and how each race is organised.

Mr. O’Sullivan joined the group later in the afternoon and presented the prize to the owner of the winning horse in the Open Maiden Race that OBH sponsored.  To everyone’s delight, the winning owner happened to be Caspar Boyce’s grandfather!


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