April, 2015:

Lord Buckenham’s Grand Medieval Banquet

On Saturday 9th May Lord Buckenham will be holding a Grand Medieval Banquet. After feasting on wild boar and (non – alcoholic!) mead, there will be jousting, sword fighting and castle conquering amongst other Middle Ages entertainment. Conspirators may even find themselves in the stocks!

The event is open to all, those who currently board at weekends, and those who would like to try. It is designed to be fun and also to give children an exciting introduction to boarding weekends at OBH. Simple medieval costumes are encouraged, with prizes for the best.

On Sunday 10th May we will be taking the children to the South Suffolk Show. We are very happy for you to pick your children up before, during or after this event, if you would like them home on Sunday evening.

I very much hope your children will be able to come and join in the medieval mayhem!

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