May, 2015:

House Swimming Competition

Next Friday we will be running the House Swimming competition for years 3-8 starting at 2.00 pm and finishing at 3.30 pm.


We will be giving the children sessions during next week’s games’ sessions to practice their events. Please can the children bring in their swimming kit/hats so that they are able to use the pool.


The sessions will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during games, subject to the weather conditions.


OBH Society Day

OBH Society Day is to be held on Saturday 13th June;   we are hoping that many former pupils will be able to join us for picnics, cricket and tea as well enjoying the Brettenham Village Fete which is again being hosted by OBH in the Park.

Cricket teams are being assembled!  If you would like to play (both male and female players!), please do get in touch via

This will be a special day in the OBH calendar and Tom O’Sullivan, Headmaster very much looks forward to welcoming everyone.

Invitations are being sent to those for whom we do not have an email address.  We are really keen to re-connect with as many former pupils as we can and so please do pass on this information to any former OBH pupils that you know!  We would love to hear from them even if they are unable to join us on 13th June.

Parent and Pupil Cricket and Rounders

As you will have seen in the calendar next Saturday we have the Parents and pupils cricket and rounders. Please can I ask that if you would like to play against your son/daughter can you email the relevant coach, before next Wednesday, so that they can put the teams together. We will have to combine some groups together so that we can get all the games on at the same time. For those that are not playing, they will be doing a normal games session. All games will start at 2pm.


1st XI & 2nd/3rd XI

email Mr Drake

Colts v Fathers

email Mr Hayes

1st XI Girls Cricket v Mothers 

email Mrs Celerier
2nd XI Rounders v Mothers

email Mrs Blackhurst

U11 Girls Rounders v Mothers

Email Mrs. Passmore


Summer Carnival Concert

We do hope as many of you will be able to join us this Friday at the summer carnival concert where children in Year 3 to 8 will be performing the various ensembles that OBH offers as well as group songs from our classes.

  •  6.30  p.m.  Drinks Reception outside Britten Hall
  • We will then ‘Conga Line’ into the Britten Hall ready for the concert 
  • 7.00 p.m.  Concert  (finish c. 8.15 p.m.)

As it is a Carnival theme, children are asked to wear a bright coloured T shirt (one colour) and jeans.  The audience are very welcome to dress colourfully as well!



Grandparents & Godparents Strawberry Tea

We are very much looking forward to welcoming all of the children’s Grandparents and Godparents to OBH on Friday 15th May at 1.30pm for a Strawberry Tea.

Arrival time for the event is 1.30pm; all guests will be welcomed into the Drawing Room, after which there will be an opportunity for children to show their guests around the school and listen to some musical interludes, and of course enjoy a delicious Strawberry Tea!

This is always a wonderful, popular event, we look forward to seeing everyone on the day.


U13 B Boys’ Tennis success!

Congratulations to the U13 B Boys’ Tennis team who played in an exciting League match v. Westley School on Thursday by winning 5 out of 6 matches.

Well done to:  Caspar Boyce, Nick Gambier, Ned Stanton and Hugo Van V.

U13 B Boys’ Tennis 2 U13 B Boys’ Tennis 1

Grand Medieval Banquet

This weekend saw OBH transform into Lord Buckenham’s Grand Medieval Banquet. The children had a fantastic meal followed by fun outside enjoying the lovely evening weather!



Stomp – The OBH Musical and It’s a knockout!

On Saturday evening the boarders took on the challenge of STOMP. For those who don’t know, STOMP is about creating music through the use of everyday objects such as pens, paper, tennis balls etc. After watching a few clips of the award winning STOMP musical, the children split into groups, wandered around the grounds sourcing their materials and produced performances with strong rhythms as well as  entertainment value.

A brilliant evening!


The Inflatables bounced back to OBH last Sunday with a cheer of ‘hooray’ from all the pupils.  This most anticipated event was very popular and well subscribed by children (and staff).

Under the expert eye of Steve, the guru of all things inflatable and owner of a multitude of all things colourful and bouncy, the children had a wonderful opportunity to experience an afternoon of fun.  With the boys and girls divided into teams and with Mr Hayes leading the proceedings as our very own MC,tension filled the air as this fierce competition commenced.  The bouncy obstacle course provided much excitement with the boarders having to run, dodge, jump and scramble through various holes and tunnels, avoiding the pitfalls of bouncing and ‘face-planting’ on the floor! The Headmaster (in suit and shirt) and Mr Chinnery (who had dressed down) made guest appearances on the obstacle course and were very much in demand as pupils quickly put themselves forward as their adversaries!


The gladiator ‘pole’ challenge, whereby the boarders had to knock (er-hem, smash) each other off a pole was another popular activity!  Later on, there was the opportunity to do some grass ‘skiing’ which required much teamwork, patience and knowing ones left from ones right in a variety of languages! The final challenge which involved guiding a football on rods proved tricky but not impossible, with a little practice.

A fantastic time was had by all and I am sure that the pupils are looking forward to the next ‘bouncy’ event.