Super Soaker Saturday and Pieces of 8, pieces of 8 ..find the treasure at OBH

The Boarding at OBH started off with a fantastic sausage sizzle prepared by the amazing kitchen staff. The children all tucked into sausages and burgers in buns and had ice-lollies for desert! After which we hit the pool where those on the side got just as wet as those who were in the pool!   Mr O’Sullivan got a bit wet and has vowed revenge so bring on the sunshine for another pool party! Fun was definitely had by all. Those of us who weren’t quite brave enough to face the pool watched and ducked when water came our way and then took a guided tour of the grounds courtesy of the Matrons and Mr Chinnery. All of the new students were amazed by all the different varieties of fruit trees and the secret island.

On Sunday we all had a bit of a lie-in and had a relaxed PJ breakfast. After which we got ready for a Church service at Brettenham. The service was about treating everyone equally no matter how we look or where we come from and how we need to think of others before ourselves. Once back at OBH many of the parents who had attended the service came back for tea and coffee and it was lovely to meet them in the Drawing room.

Once we had our Sunday Roast, the children split into teams of 3/4 and attempted the Pirate themed treasure hunt,; the teams had to find some very unusual items including a blue button, a giant paperclip, an acorn, and one member of each the team had to dress up using various random pieces of kit. In fact one member of a team borrowed my beads so he could complete his outfit!

The children then had some down-time where they charged around the grounds on bikes and chatted in the common rooms. All in all it was a very action-packed weekend and we look forward to many more to come.

Mr and Mrs Miller


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