Inter Schools Girls’ Science and Technology Day

A total of 85 girls from 11 different schools across East Anglia enjoyed an inspiring day of Science, Technology and Maths challenges at OBH on Monday 16 November.

Organised by Science Teacher Mrs Tiffany Blackhurst, the day challenged the teams of 5 year 5 girls to use logical thinking, problem solving, accuracy and their knowledge of the STEM subjects to complete a variety of challenging tasks.

The Chemical challenge was set by Long John Silver himself, on a mission to travel far and wide to collect bounty, he wondered which fruit juice would contain the highest level of Vitamin C to prevent his crew suffering scurvy.  Whilst in the Science Lab, Headmaster Tom O’Sullivan also taught the children how to make toothpaste for elephants!  Winners of the Science Challenge were a team from Bildeston Primary School.

The Maths Challenge, set by Head of Maths Fiona Chapple, tested the children’s logic, spatial awareness and teamwork.  The puzzles and activities made the children use their brain in a different way to solve problems and to see maths in a fun way.  The team from Dame Bradbury’s were winners in this challenge.

The DT challenge, set by Mr Tom Chinnery in the DT room made the teams work together to build a weight bearing bridge.  The best bridge was built by a mixed team of girls from OBH and Fairstead House.

The fourth challenge was an interactive quiz.  Teams answered questions about forces, the body, mathematical problems and general knowledge on iPads.  Points were awarded on a sliding scale according to the speed in which answers were submitted.  Between each question a scoreboard showed the positions of the teams after each question and led to some great competition.  It was interesting to see how the teams performed well in some rounds and not so well in others.  Eventual winners, demonstrating a superb depth of knowledge and quick thinking were South Lee.

Overall winners and recipients of the OBH Women in Science and Technology Day Trophy were Brandeston Hall.  As a team, their overall scores across the challenges demonstrated a depth of knowledge and understanding in all STEM subjects.

A very well done to all of the girls that took part.  We look forward to the OBH Women in Science and Technology Day 2016.

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