The OBH Silly Olympics and Suffolk Ski Centre

Last Saturday night the boarders staged their very own Tea Party and Silly Olympics. There was a huge range of party food and a fabulous ice cream sundae bar where the children could choose their own ice cream and toppings. After all the rather yummy food, the children went down to the Britten Hall where Mr Swiney, Miss Clarke, and Mr Miller had organised some rather fun party games. Children were arranged into four teams in mixed age groups. There were balloon races, the Weetabix “How low can you go” challenge, the delicious “chocolate squares race”, the Matrons’ Cassocks Dress race. Everyone had a great time and the team who won was rewarded with a bit of extra tuck on the Sunday morning.
On Sunday the Year 8’s opted for a trip to Bury St. Edmunds with Mr O’Sullivan and Mrs Miller for a bit of retail therapy. They all loved that little bit of freedom of being able to walk about the Arc in their groups, and many bought hats for the Suffolk Ski trip that afternoon. Back at OBH the younger boarders had lots of different activities to choose from as Mr Drake had organised some sports while others chose to chill at Rory’s place or take a walk around the lovely grounds at OBH.
After a fabulous Sunday Roast every-one got their warm clothes, coats, hats and gloves on to go to Suffolk Ski Centre for Tobogganing and Ringos. The children split in two groups and each group had an hour either tobogganing or spinning down the slopes on inflatable rings, changing over at half time. Despite the cold and wet everyone had a wonderful time and agreed they would love to go again!

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